A New Survey Says Women Spend More Time Shopping Than Socializing


There’s part of shopping that’s all about necessity—we all need household basics and food to eat after all. How much time do you think you spend browsing and buying? And, perhaps more interestingly, how much time do you think you spend on it compared to time you do other things? Like, hang with your ladies for a glass of wine and a spot of gossip?

Statistic Brain Research Institute has just broken down the average day in an effort to understand what takes up the majority of our time. Not surprisingly, sleep and work claim the biggest amount of hours (for the ladies, we’re averaging 8.76 hours of sleep and 6.66 of work per day; men work a little more and sleep a little less).

The number we didn’t see coming? Women shop more than socialize, logging 1.3 hours a day versus .73 hours of hang-time (even when you add in time spent on the phone or emailing, it’s still less). It seems a little surprising, but here’s the million-dollar question: what about when you’re shopping with a friend? Does that count as socializing?

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