Will a Larger Adidas Yeezy Boost Release Hurt the Brand?

Kanye West always wanted this.
Not having royalties and not being able to produce more sneakers were the main reasons he left Nike. And upon signing his deal with Adidas, which started in 2013, he made it clear that he wanted more people to have access to his sneakers. Today he’s making good on that promise with the release of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in an all-white colorway that retails for $ 220. Customers will only be able to purchase the sneakers directly through adidas.com and the Yeezy Supply web site. They are reportedly releasing 1 million pairs of shoes.
West’s influence, along with scarcity, is what has bolstered the Yeezy footwear line. But what happens when a Yeezy Boost style becomes even more ubiquitous? Will it have the same trajectory as the Jordan brand, which lost market share and cache due to overproduction. WWD spoke with people in the sneaker industry to see if the release will hurt or help the brand.
Matt Cohen, vice president of business strategy and development at Goat, a sneaker resale app
WWD: What do you think of this release?
Matt Cohen: This is an interesting release because we’ve never seen something like this. For one, it’s a restock,

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