Survivor: Winners At War Might Be the Best, Most Compelling Season Yet

Survivor: Winners at WarA few months ago, we were wondering if we could ever love Survivor again.
Season 39 was a bit of a mess for the CBS reality staple, which is celebrating 20 years and 40 seasons with…

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Celebrity Tequila Brands and the Spirit’s Versatility Make a Compelling Combination

Tequila rocks at Hollywood events. Some prefer it neat. Nightlife entrepreneur Rande Gerber recommends his (with George Clooney) Casamigos brand on the rocks. Icy tequila can be refreshing and cinematic: the frozen margarita got its due in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s” brazen finale. Although there is a surplus of Piper-Heidsieck champagne for toasting, […]



6 Compelling Reasons You Need Fancy Pajamas in Your Life, Immediately

The silk pajama set Grace Coddington wore to the Met Gala this year got almost as much press as Beyonce’s sheer Givenchy dress or Rihanna’s elaborate Guo Pei yellow robe. And for good reason. The Vogue creative director’s unexpected fashion maneuver that night was a bold statement about nonconformism, the parameters of formal dress code, personal agency, luxury, and fashion as artistic expression. She also proved to the world that everyone needs a pair of fancy pajamas in their life—stat.


Though Coddington’s set is meant for evening hours, there’s no reason the tailored look shouldn’t see light of day from time to time. Here are six compelling reasons you need fancy jammies in your life, immediately.


We Wore What blogger Danielle Bernstein rocks the trend with denim cutoffs

1. Look chic without even trying. As evidenced above, a silk pajama top and jean shorts is the perfect summer weekend look—and roll-out-bed-throw-on-pants easy.

2. Pajamas are iconic—in a serious fashion-cred way. Who doesn’t want to feel three parts Audrey Hepburn (think Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Charade, and Roman Holiday) and equal parts Coco Chanel (the style was a favorite of Chanel’s—and she even produced couture pajamas for her best clients).

3. Wake up in the morning and you’re already halfway there. You will never again struggle getting dressed in the morning. Not sure what to wear when you emerge from your featherbed in fancy pajamas? You’re already (at least half) dressed!

4. Versatility, thy name is pajama. If you are, indeed, going to sport the look outside your home, the styling options are endless. Pair the top with everything from a pencil skirt to denim shorts, or throw on a classic cashmere sweater or tuck in a T-shirt with the luxe bottoms.

5. Men have been doing it for ages. This is a classic borrowed-from-the-boys moment: Guys learned the ways of the fancy pajama set long before we did (see: Hugh Hefner, noted pajama lover), and it’s time to try it out for yourself.

6. They’re the perfect summer house look. Lest we forget the summer plans we’ve made that involve tons of communal PJ time! Trade in your boxers and T-shirt mix for something a little more share-house-friendly.

Are you ready to up your pajama game? Get a jump-start with our favorite fancy sets below!

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