Does Rachel Dratch Hold the Key to The Good Fight’s Memo 618 Mystery?

The Good FightThe Good Fight has been home to many great guest stars, from Jane Lynch to Alan Alda. The Thursday, May 21 episode, “The Gang Offends Everyone” welcomes another famous face: Saturday Night…

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Don’t do it, Dana: This isn’t the time for fights

Dana White is forging ahead with his plans for UFC 249 on April 18. At a time when the rest of us are making sacrifices by staying home, this is selfish, reckless and irresponsible.

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Friday Night Dinner: Why food fights and mayhem have become a TV treat

The stars of Channel 4’s anarchic sitcom open up about the shenanigans on and off-screen.
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Friday Night Dinner: Why food fights and mayhem have become a TV treat

The stars of Channel 4’s anarchic sitcom open up about the shenanigans on and off-screen.
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Fashion Fights Coronavirus: Designers Create Masks, Hospital Gowns and More to Fight Pandemic

Many of the world’s fashion designers and brands have had to halt everyday operations due to the coronavirus pandemic — but now, several firms are reallocating resources to fight the virus’ spread.
As COVID-19 cases have sharply increased, affecting 341,500 people and causing 15,187 deaths globally as of March 23, so too has the need for essential resources, such as masks, hospital gowns and hand sanitizer.
Fashion designers including Christian Siriano, Brandon Maxwell and Michael Costello are coming in to help fill that gap, mobilizing their teams to produce supplies needed by health-care workers and COVID-19 patients.
Larger companies, such as LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Kering, L’Oréal and Coty are also pitching in, having their factories produce hand sanitizer to distribute free of charge to health authorities.
Here, WWD compiles the ways that fashion designers and brands are pitching in to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
Brandon Maxwell
Brandon Maxwell’s team is researching the appropriate medical textiles to make gowns for hospital doctors and nurses treating COVID-19 patients. He also aims to create medical grade masks and gloves as more information on manufacturing these supplies becomes available.
“It is important for us to come together now not only for each other, but most importantly for the communities

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Scientists reveal how the body fights back against coronavirus

Scientists in Australia say they have for the first time mapped how the body’s immune system responds to coronavirus, an important step in the possible creation of an effective vaccine.
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White: UFC relocating events; ‘fights will go on’

UFC president Dana White said he is seeking new venues for upcoming events amid a series of developments regarding the coronavirus but stressed the fights “will happen.” – TOP

Biden stages a Super Tuesday comeback as Sanders fights for the rest in the West

Biden stages a Super Tuesday comeback as Sanders fights for the rest in the WestIn a newly narrowed four-way contest, Super Tuesday’s broad delegate pool enticed Democratic primary contenders with race’s biggest prizes yet. Former Vice President Joe Biden notched important wins early in the evening, taking Virginia and North Carolina, the third most delegate-rich state in Tuesday’s contest. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won his home state early in the night, but failed to carve out a foothold in the East Coast and Midwest.

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Sibling fights to Super Bowls: Kelce boys have always been life of party

The Eagles’ Jason wore a Mummers costume. The Chiefs’ Travis, a fur jacket and a WWE belt. The NFL brothers share many bonds, albeit in unique ways. – NFL

Taylor Swift’s father ‘fights off burglar who broke into his $4m flat’

Taylor Swift’s father has fought off a burglar who broke into his $ 4m (£3.1m) Florida penthouse.
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Siesta Key Season 3’s New Trailer Is Full of Kissing, Crying and Physical Fights

Siesta KeySiesta Key is out here with a brand-new trailer that can’t possibly be filled with more drama. In the sneak peek of season three below, the original gang is back, but divided after Alex Kompo…

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Until Dawn Nature Fights Back [Spoiler Warning]

Until Dawn - Nature Fights Back - Thumb

Our full playthrough of Until Dawn sent us in a spiral of violence against the animal kingdom. Videos Hub

New Trial Tests Whether TB Shot Fights Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers will look at effects in people with longstanding disease Daily News
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Filmmaker Fights the Stigma Against Mental Illness

2015-03-14-1426349822-1318183-Directing.jpgThe best thing about the #MyMentalHealthStory campaign I launched in December of 2014 is I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people. In this interview, get to know filmmaker, Jeff Holiday. Here Jeff shares what inspired him to become a storyteller and how his family’s experience with mental illness and suicide has shaped the making of his short film, Boulevard.

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Tell us about your background and film making experience.

My love for storytelling dates back to when I was very young. At age 12 my parents bought me my first video camera for Christmas. My friends and I would put together short little movies, commercials and stop motion videos, most of which are pretty embarrassing to watch now.

In 2005, right after my grandparents’ death, while at Floyd Central High School, I always wondered what was happening inside the school’s radio/TV room on my way to class. The following year I spent as much time as possible in that studio. Looking back, I was feeling lost and I used my ability to create things to deal with what was bothering me. This was just magnified after my grandparents’ death.

My experience in high school was great and led to me to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications at Ball State University (BSU) and by my senior year I became the Executive Producer on PBS’s Connections Live, an Emmy Award winning news magazine show. I’m currently completing my Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling at BSU and I’ll graduate this May.

Your latest film project, Boulevard, is set in the future where mental illness is a myth and suicide is a crime. The story is about a man named Nathan who loses of his wife to suicide and his journey to understand if he could have prevented her death. I have read this plot was inspired by the murder-suicide of your own grandparents, Wayne and Shelby Hinton, in May 2005. Do you feel the main character Nathan is patterned after you and your experiences?

Yes, the character Nathan is patterned after my life although Nathan’s circumstances are different from mine and Boulevard is a different story from my own. For me, I knew making this film would emulate my past because so much creativity is driven by those experiences. And even though I’ve wanted to tell a story about suicide for a long time, I was hesitant because I was afraid of what people might think. But I stopped caring about others judgments and realized this type of story needed to be told.

Have you personally encountered stigma as it relates to the death of your grandparents?

I’ve encountered the stigma too many times to count, for a longtime I just avoided the conversation altogether. Most of my college friends didn’t know about my grandparents’ death until I started working on Boulevard. In getting Boulevard off the ground, I shared my story with those who were working on the film. It was difficult to tell colleagues my grandfather committed suicide, but even harder to share how he took my grandmother’s life. I just didn’t know how to approach it at first. But the more I told my story, the easier it got and I eventually shared my story with everyone who I worked with.

What does your family think about this film project?

At first I was worried about what my family might think, but they have been extremely supportive of my efforts. The reason I can so easily speak about my experience is because my family has encouraged me to talk about it. The subject of mental illness and my grandparents’ death has never been a secret in my family. If a family member wishes to talk about it, they are not discouraged. When we get together, the topic always comes up because it is part of who we are now.

Your desire to fight the stigma around mental illness is admirable. With one million people who die annually by committing suicide, we still have much work to do. Can you discuss how this film will educate about mental illness?

My goal is to create a film that is entertaining but also educational and thought provoking. While Boulevard is just one perspective — my perspective — out of millions, I hope it can help start conversations about mental illness independent of whether a person is personally struggling or not. The message of Boulevard will be very clear; the stigma has gone on for too long and we must stop it. Start your own conversation.

Where are you in the process of producing and completing Boulevard?

We are currently in pre-production for Boulevard and have completed casting the main roles and we will start filming in April. Once the film is complete, I’ll take Boulevard to the film festival circuit for the attention it deserves. As for distribution, I’m working on finding a place, but I can assure you I’ll give it away for free if I have to. I didn’t create this film to make money.

Why should people see this movie?

I think people should see Boulevard because it’s a different take on the topic of mental illness. While I’ve worked extensively in documentary filmmaking, and believe in its ability to persuade and encourage social change, it does have its limitation in that the audience is often limited to those who are already aware of the stigma and the need for change. In other words, it is preaching to the choir. By creating a fictional film the audience begins to broaden, reaching those who are unaware of the stigma many face.

Is there anything else you want to share with readers?

People always ask me if I’d do anything to bring my grandparents back. Obviously yes, I’d give nearly anything to see them again. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized something; while I’d do anything to see them again — it’s hard to ignore how much I’ve learned and grown from my experiences after their deaths. They gave me a lot while they were alive, and I feel they continue to do so even now.

Jeff’s Grandparents Wayne and Shelby Hinton

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Undefeated Heavyweight Boxer Deontay Wilder Fights A Fan (But It’s Not What You Think)

Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder posted a challenge on his recently-launched official Facebook fan page last month. “Get my Facebook page up to 5,000 likes,” he said, “and I’ll post a video of me fighting one of my fans.”

It was an intriguing promise, and within weeks, Wilder’s goal was reached.

On Thursday, Wilder made good on his vow, posting a video on his YouTube page. It was certainly a fight against a fan, but it was perhaps not quite the fan that most had expected.

As is clear in the video, the poor fan didn’t stand a chance against Wilder; but in a fight against a 32-0 professional heavyweight boxer, who has won all 32 bouts via knockout, who really does?

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Sherri Shepherd Fights For Full Custody Of Unborn Child After Filing For Divorce

Sherri Shepherd’s ongoing divorce battle with her estranged-husband, Lamar Sally, took an interesting turn this week as reports surfaced that “The View” co-host is reportedly fighting to attain custody of the couple’s unborn child, according to pre-nuptial documents obtained by TMZ.

Sally’s separation request requested primary custody of the child, who’s due on July 28 via a surrogate. However, Shepherd has asked in the divorce documents to enforce the couple’s prenuptial agreement, in which Sally agrees that the host will have full custody of the newborn. But the television writer has alleged that the agreement is based on “fraud,” in hopes to nullify the document.

Prior to Sally and Shepherd’s now public split, she opened up to Hello Beautiful during the July 2013 premiere of Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain” on the difficulties of meeting new friends and the importance of healing following a breakup.

“I don’t do new friends very easily because I have a hard enough time keeping up with my old friends and new friendships, you know, it takes, you know, to really develop a friendship you need to go through things and I’m not trying to go through new things with new people,” she said.

“I get over a breakup…with time. You have to know time will dull everything and I think don’t get back into a new relationship until you heal. You gotta go through it to get over it. So, take time out after a break-up to know who you are and be by yourself and to be ok with being by yourself.”

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