Coronavirus: ‘Tackle harmful lockdown drinking,’ BMJ editorial warns

Supermarket sales of alcohol have risen and liver disease could too, a BMJ editorial says.
BBC News – Health

Ofcom set for new powers to regulate harmful social media content

Ofcom is set to be handed new powers to regulate social media companies and protect users from harmful content, the government has announced.
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Harmful Household Chemicals to Ditch Now

Harmful Household Chemicals to Ditch TodayOn Thursday afternoon, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a federal lawsuit against the EPA related to two hazardous pesticides that are banned for use in most household products because of their danger to children but are still used in flea collars for dogs and cats. "We've been putting pressure on EPA for almost a decade on this," Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, a senior public health scientist at NRDC tells Yahoo Shine. "Pound for pound, they eat more, drink more, and breathe in more air than adults," Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrician and expert in environmental medicine explains to Yahoo Shine. Children also play close to the ground where toxins settle and often put their hands into their mouths.

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