Robot dog tries to herd sheep

The Spot robot was designed for search and rescue – but may find work in the farming industry.
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The Walking Dead Just Mercilessly Thinned the Herd

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

Well now… that was certainly something!

Ten people dead, some of whom were kind of important. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

This series doesn’t always follow the comic books exactly, but… it does more than it doesn’t. And if it needs to tweak things, it usually just switches characters around. It has different people die in place of others. A notable change-up here in the back half of Season 9 is that Daryl and Henry filled in for Rick and Carl in the Whisperers arc. Story elements tend to remain while “who does the actual doing” is what tends to change.

Those who read the comics knew something bad was about to go down at the Kingdom’s fair. But even if you hadn’t read up, the show signaled ahead a few episodes back. If you pick up on things, there were definitely things to pick up. Anyhow, I wrongly had this moment – the ten zombie heads on spikes – pegged for the season finale. I thought this would be the brutal mic drop that takes us out of the season. But it was used here in the penultimate episode. Nicely done, show! Also, the move pairs really well with last week’s wickedly harsh episode. I’m enjoying all the ghoulish gloom.

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Herd Helps Collapsed Baby Elephant, Proves You Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

When the going gets rough, friends and family always have your back — take it from this baby elephant.

A video uploaded to YouTube captures an elephant calf collapsing on the road in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, according to the clip’s description. But fear not, because the little one’s herd comes to help it back up and escort it back to safety.

Watch at the 0:21 mark as a larger elephant comes to tend to the calf. Other elephants join and nudge the little guy on the ground. Finally, at the 1:43 mark, the baby begins to stand up with the help of another larger elephant.

The herd must’ve taken Lilo’s words to heart — “‘Ohana’ means ‘family’ and ‘family’ means nobody gets left behind.”

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