The First Look at Michael Weatherly’s NCIS Goodbye Will Make You Cry

NCIS, Michael WeatherlyIt’s so haaaaaard/to say goodbyeeeeee/to Michael Weatherlyyyyyyyy. That’s how that song goes, right?
Michael Weatherly’s final two episodes of NCIS are rapidly approaching…

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NCIS: The Complete First Season (Widescreen)

NCIS: The Complete First Season (Widescreen)

N.C.I.S.: The Complete First Season” follows an elite team of special agents who operate outside the military chain of command. Led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), a tough highly skilled investigator who’s willing to bend the rules to get the job done, this tight-knit crew travel the world investigating everything from murder and espionage to terrorism and kidnapping in this 6-disc set featuring all 23 pulse-pounding episodes from this unique and dynamic show that’s “.taught, smart and wonderfully unpredictable.” Episode Description: Disc One: “Yankee White” – A Navy commander carrying the “football” on Air Force One collapses mid-flight and dies. “Hung Out To Dry” – A Marine is killed during a night training jump, and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) thinks it’s a murder. “Seadog” – A Navy sailor is killed, an apparent casualty of a drug war, but Gibbs and his team refuse to believe the sailor was dirty. “The Immortals” – A young sailor is found drowned in what appears to be a video game gone wrong. Disc Two: “The Curse” When a Navy lieutenant’s mummified remains are discovered almost ten years after he was reported missing along with one million dollars from his ship’s safe, Gibbs and his team investigate the death as well as the theft. “High Seas” – Two sailors from the same ship overdose on meth, despite their claims of never having touched the drugs. “Sub Rosa” – Gibbs and Todd (Sasha Alexander) investigates the possibility of an imposter on board a nuclear submarine. “Minimum Security” – A mysterious death leads Gibbs and the team into the heart of the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Disc Three: “Marine Down” – A Marine, purported to have been killed in action, contacts his would-be widow from “beyond the grave.” “Left For Dead” – A woman who digs herself out of a grave after being buried alive comes to the attention of Gibbs and his team when she says she remembers something about a bomb being hidden on a Navy ship, even though sh

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