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New Agency — State — Aims to Showcase Models’ Personalities

Rene Gonzalez, a seasoned model agent who spent years working between Wilhelmina and IMG, wanted to create a modeling agency that catered to a new generation of models in a changing industry, one in which a model’s personality — and social media following — has become more important than ever.
On Sept. 9, Gonzalez will launch State, a full-service New York-based agency that aims to not only rep models, but also to create role models. “We’re calling ourselves digital managers,” he said. “What we would like to do is let kids know that yes, you can be a model, and yes, it can be glamorous, but there are other things behind it.”
State will support its clients’ images but also their talents and interests with a focus on social and digital content. In terms of what he is looking for in new talent, Gonzalez cited diversity and depth. “We really want models that have something to say,” he said. “When we do interviews, we ask what they’re doing in school. We’re about building who you are. The criteria is open for us; it’s about what makes you interesting to a larger audience.”
The agency represents about 30 models. Among them is Arizona native

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First Look: Cameron West on Living with 24 Personalities – Oprah: Where Are They Now? – OWN

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In 1999, Oprah Show viewers met Cameron West, a husband and father with dissociative identity disorder. Over the course of his treatment, 24 different personalities emerged. Now, 15 years later, we’re catching up with Cam and his wife, Rikki. Watch as they share footage of Cam’s real-time brain wave testing and reflect on his diagnosis.

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