Liu Yifei Dazzles in Elie Saab Couture at ‘Mulan’ Premiere

Actress Liu Yifei had a show-stopping fashion moment at the premiere of Disney’s “Mulan” Monday night in Los Angeles.
The 32-year-old actress chose a gold Elie Saab gown for the premiere from the designer’s fall 2019 couture collection replete with rising phoenix motif, rendered in gold embroidery and sequins.

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The morning after…a new take on the dress on the bed series. @eliesaabworld #phoenixgown
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Yifei ⚔️ Mulan @eliesaabworld couture Phoenix Motif gown || makeup @ninapark hair @dereksyuen #yifeiliu #liuyifei #mulan #eliesaab #phoenixgown
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@yifei_cc x @mulan Stylist | @samanthamcmillen_stylist Makeup | @ninapark Hair | @dereksyuen @swa_agency
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Yifei plays the titular character in the film, which is a live-action remake of the beloved Disney cartoon from 1998. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Yifei was chosen out of a pool of 1,000 other actresses after a

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Mulan Star Yifei Liu Embodies a Real-Life Disney Princess at Red Carpet Premiere

Yifei Liu, Mulna Premiere Yifei Liu is channelling her inner Disney princess on the red carpet premiere of Mulan.
The 32-year-old actress stunned at the premiere of Disney’s Mulan wearing a shimmering gold…

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‘Westworld’ Cast Reunites for Season 3 Premiere

The cast of HBO’s “Westworld” is back together to celebrate their third season.
Series’ cast members including Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton joined newcomers such as Lena Waithe and Aaron Paul at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles Thursday night to celebrate the show’s upcoming season.
The new season, which airs on March 15, comes nearly two years since the show’s second season aired in April 2018. The show’s debut in 2016 resulted in HBO’s most watched drama series premiere to date with 3.3 million total views, according to Deadline. Viewers have since been captivated the sci-fi series that takes place in a futuristic, Wild West-themed amusement park populated by androids.
The premiere’s red carpet had a number of high-fashion moments, including on the likes of Newton in a silky gray Burberry pre-fall 2020 dress, Wood in a custom Versace dress, Katja Herbers in a sculptural Iris van Herpen dress and Thompson, who wore a printed Loewe fall 2020 dress, which debuted on the Paris runway just last week.
Click through the above gallery to see more red carpet photos from the “Westworld” season three premiere.
Read more here:
Evan Rachel Wood Talks ‘Westworld’ And Wearing Suits to Awards Shows
‘Westworld’ Actor Ben Barnes

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Dispatches from Elsewhere Series Premiere Review

Warning: The following contains light spoilers for the series premiere of Dispatches from Elsewhere, which debuts Sunday, March 1 on AMC.

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With the rise of gritty TV anti-heroes, followed swiftly by Peak TV’s wild attempts to woo eyeballs, there’s something to be said for making a go at some soft-bellied “Whimsy TV.” It’s a challenging era to try such a thing, though Netflix’s one-shot John Mulaney and The Sack Lunch Bunch is a great example of just how brilliant, and necessary, this bizarre sub-genre can be.

Does it work when it’s stretched out over a whole season though? Well, AMC’s new anthology series, Dispatches from Elsewhere — created by, and starring, Jason Segel — is out to prove that a Joe Versus the Volcano-type fable still has a place in the crowded landscape of today’s entertainment.

Based on a real-life, interactive, transmedia scavenger hunt that operated in San Francisco over a decade ago (and the 2013 documentary about it, The Institute), Dispatches from Elsewhere is a quirky and quaint fictionalized love letter to those who, for myriad reasons, feel isolated and separated from the rest of the world. It’s charming, low-stakes fare that, at best, feels refreshing. But too quickly, the show gets lost inside its own odd-itorium.

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Dispatches is patchwork quilt comprised of a little Truman Show, a touch of Lynch, a smidgen of Coen Brothers, and few more squares borrowed from other dreamscape-y projects of the past. It’s even infused with David Fincher’s The Game, though to be fair the actual game this show is based on utilized elements of that movie.

The show’s medium-sized shortcomings don’t come from its many jumbled inspirations for tone and texture, though. They come from the fact that you’re basically watching characters make meager arcs while joyfully fumbling through an Escape Room. It’s so calm, at times, that the show barely registers as a whisper. So with Dispatches, we may have discovered that too much fancifulness and abstract longing can gray everything out rather than actually add color.

In one of the many meta aspects of the series, Richard E. Grant’s ubiquitous and eloquent game master, Octavio Coleman, esq., serves as the story’s narrator, introducing us to the main players (in the premiere’s case, Segel’s socially paralyzed Peter). He acknowledges that we’re watching a TV show and then allows us to skip over exposition in favor of a quick rundown of Peter’s drab, drone-ish lifestyle.

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We meet the show’s other main characters throughout — mostly Eve Lindley’s luminous trans woman, Simone, who Peter becomes enraptured with — but this is Peter’s spotlight. Other characters, like Simone, Andre Benjamin’s humorless Fredwyn, and Sally Field’s maternal Janice, will get their spotlights in the following weeks.

Peter finds himself drawn into a world that buzzes and hums with circular chatter and kitschy throwback sci-fi. He must navigate through fields of fake, clandestine organizations — all helmed by Coleman doing different voices and accents — that are, for some reason or another, pitted against each other. All in the name of finding a missing girl named Clara who contains “Divine Nonchalance.” None of these elements matter, really, as it’s all just a way to bring Peter up and out of his anxiety-stricken shell. The fictional world-behind-the-world (which Fredwyn thinks is real) is designed to bring people from different walks of life together in order to “highlight the one-ness” of us all. Ultimately, it’s a sweet notion that makes for a medium watch.


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The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Review

Warning: Full spoilers for The Walking Dead’s Season 10 midseason premiere follow. To refresh your memory of where we left off, check out our review of TWD Season 10, episode 8.

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The Walking Dead kicked off Season 10’s remaining eight episodes with a dark, cramped crawl through some creepy caverns overrun with both walkers and Whisperers.

Oh, and with Negan and Alpha doing the (actual) dirty out in the woods. Yikes! But more on that later…

When we last left our heroes, in the midseason finale cliffhanger, things didn’t seem all that dire. Trapping Carol, Daryl, and the rest in a savage scenario against a herd of walkers didn’t exactly feel cliffhanger-worthy since we’ve seen our survivors escape dozens of similar scenes over the years. In fact, the show itself made a montage out of rapid-fire zombie assaults on Alexandria earlier in the season as if it wasn’t a situation worth spending a lot of time with because everyone could handle themselves.

Regardless, “Squeeze” made the most of these spelunky surroundings, crafting a full episode’s worth of danger out of it and, maybe most importantly, creating a crucible where it felt like someone could die. Granted, taking stock of all the characters and whether or not they were narratively “ready” to go, Jerry was the one most likely to get torn to bits. But he didn’t. This is where the episode kind of broke even because it would have sucked for Jerry to die since he’s one of the few favorites left – but also, without a grand demise, the entire adventure felt a bit toothless in the end.

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Sure, the cave collapsed, leaving Connie and Magda’s fates unknown, but since we didn’t see them die… they’re obviously still around. Because that’s the show.

Can Daryl Forgive Carol?

Daryl probably won’t be able to forgive Carol until he finds Connie still alive. Worst-case scenario here, if the show still wants to play things viciously, Daryl finds her alive, but right as she’s dying. Or comes to the rescue just moments too late. We don’t know what actress Lauren Ridloff’s Marvel’s Eternals role means yet for her role in the series.

Story-wise though, and knowing how Daryl obsessed over Rick’s “death,” and spent months and months looking for him in the woods, Daryl has to find these two. He can’t revert back to Season 9 Daryl.

The dramatic heart here, in “Squeeze,” was Carol finally realizing how destructive and careless she’s been after getting stuck in a place where she felt utterly useless because of her claustrophobia. She had to come to terms with her obsession for revenge against Alpha and recognize how it blinded her to this rather obvious trap. Man, if Jerry had died because of this, she’d never come back. That’s probably the main reason he survived – even though it certainly looked like the undead had chewed up his foot.

To be fair though, this was a super dark episode. Not thematically, just light-wise. Watching it through a press screener made things even harder to make out, given how much action happened in the shadows. I certainly got the gist of most of what was going on, with the actual squeezing moments, through the very narrow crawl spaces, being the most intense parts.

And the Carol/Daryl stuff remains, truly, the only big relationship on the show that still works to holds everything together. After that, you’ve got Rosita and Eugene (maybe?), and Negan and Judith. Everything else is kind of empty. So “Squeeze” was wise to focus on this, along with Daryl’s burgeoning feelings for Connie.

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Alpha, Negan, and Uncomfortable Silences

The Whisperer side of the story was pretty strange – and not just because of Alpha’s big romantic gesture out in the woods with Negan, where she menacingly stripped down to her zombie skin and boots in order to woo him, or in the very least shut him up.

No, it was the part where Negan snitched on Gamma and Alpha realized that she had a spy in her midst. Negan giving Gamma up made sense, but overall it felt odd for Gamma to have been brought in as a character this season, quickly promoted through the ranks (to the dismay and jealousy of Beta), and then for us to see her unceremoniously come undone. Alpha sending Beta after her, with no mention of his past warnings or Alpha’s previous stubbornness, seemed a bit off.

And then, yes, there was Alpha and Negan’s tryst in the woods. Presented, without commentary, to those who might be looking for an even more uncomfortable Negan scene than his “nut tapping” conversation with that young boy back in “What It Always Is” (which is even more disturbing when you consider it was probably the kid’s last conversation on Earth). With Alpha and Negan’s glorious coupling comes all of our fears and anxieties about post-apocalyptic smells. After a while, after this many years into the series, we can assume everyone’s now nose-blind to the lack of proper daily hygiene. But it just takes one moment, like disrobing in the woods (which is itself a nasty place to get nasty), to remind us that everyone stinks to high heaven. Especially the Whisperers. Especially those masks.

This is the Whisperers’ downfall right here. Whether you’ve read the comics or not, it’s plain to see that Alpha trusting Negan, or even developing slivers of feelings for him, is his ticket into controlling, or destroying, them all.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 7 Premiere Review

Note: this is a mostly spoiler-free review of the Season 7 premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. All plot spoilers are confined to a marked section at the end.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars has proven surprisingly resilient for a series that was technically canceled in 2013. A number of in-progress episodes were completed and released as a shorter sixth season dubbed Clone Wars: The Lost Missions, while other abandoned stories were told in new forms, like the comic book Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir and the novel Star Wars: Dark Disciple. And even if the animated series itself never quite gave us closure for characters like Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and Darth Maul, the followup series Star Wars Rebels was only too happy to oblige.

It’s much easier nowadays to be at peace with the show’s untimely cancellation – and thankfully, it’s no longer even an issue. The Clone Wars is back for a seventh and final season, and the series immediately finds its groove despite being off the air for the better part of a decade.

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“The Bad Batch” immediately sets the tone for the final season. Even as the war draws closer to its dramatic conclusion, the Republic’s clone army is feeling the strain of mounting losses and an enemy that seems to predict its every move. Many of the series’ best story arcs have hinged on these clone heroes battling against overwhelming odds, so “The Bad Batch” feels like a great way to welcome the series back and further explore the toll of the war on those who were literally born to fight.

While it’s enough to see fan-favorite clones like Captain Rex and Commander Cody back in action, this episode stands out by introducing a very different roster of clone heroes: the titular Bad Batch – a group of clones far more independent and genetically diverse than normal. While on one hand the Star Wars geek in me can’t help but wish the series had simply dusted off the Republic Commandos for this particular storyline, this episode pretty quickly establishes why Clone Force 99 is the better option. With the premiere being so overwhelmingly clone-focused, it really helps to have characters with such distinct personalities. We need the comic relief provided by clones like Wrecker and Crosshair. The subtle rivalry and unease between Rex and his new comrades add another interesting layer to what might otherwise be a straightforward clones vs. droids mission.

Plus, the addition of the Bad Batch allows voice actor Dee Bradley Baker to cut loose. Baker practically carries this whole episode on his shoulders given how many of the characters are voiced by him. The series has always been surprisingly deft about differentiating the many clone characters even though they all look and sound pretty much the same. But in the case of these genetic abnormalities, they don’t look the same. Their personalities are much more extreme and over-the-top. Even in scenes with half a dozen or more clones sharing the same space, it never feels like one voice actor is talking to himself.

It’s also easy to see how much the series’ animation quality has improved in the six years since the Lost Missions. Fans may already be familiar with the Bad Batch arc, given that these four episodes were screened in rough animatic form at Star Wars Celebration 2015 and later released online. But it’s quite another thing to see this story play out in completed form with full visual effects. This still looks very much like the Clone Wars of old, but with a greater sense of detail and more dramatic camera angles. The upgrades are most apparent with Anakin, who suddenly looks a lot more like his Episode III self.

The upgrades are a welcome reminder that The Clone Wars still serves as the gold standard for Star Wars animation. While a worthy sequel in many ways, Rebels always suffered because of its comparatively stiff characters and barren, sterile environments. There’s much more detail and energy in this Clone Wars episode, which bodes well as we slowly march toward the long-awaited Siege of Mandalore arc.

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Warning: the remainder of this review contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 1!

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Aside from the introduction of Clone Force 99, the biggest hook with “The Bad Batch” is definitely the reveal that fallen Clonetrooper Echo may still be alive and in Separatist custody. Here, too, this twist gives the storyline a bit of extra weight and differentiates it from similar clone vs. droid skirmishes. The series sometimes struggles to justify these longer story arcs, a problem that may come back into play with Season 7 being divided solely into a trio of four-episode arcs. But for now, “Bad Batch” starts things off on an eventful note.

It’s also a fitting twist with which to kick off the final season. The saga of Domino Squad has been one of the most important throughlines of the whole series, with that story seeming to come to an end when Fives was killed back in Season 6’s “Orders.” It seems only fitting that Season 7 finds a way to continue that story and potentially even find redemption for the one surviving Domino Squad member. We’ll see over the next few weeks whether the show can make good on that potential.


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Here’s When Stranger Things Season 4 Might Premiere

This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3, and the newly released Season 4 teaser trailer. 

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Chances are you’re desperately counting down the days to when Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere. We’ve broken down all the biggest questions about the future of the Netflix sci-fi hit below, and will keep this post updated with new developments as they are announced.

Netflix officially renewed Stranger Things for a fourth season back in September 2019. The news came with a statement from Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos:

“The Duffer Brothers have captivated viewers around the world with Stranger Things and we’re thrilled to expand our relationship with them to bring their vivid imaginations to other film and series projects our members will love. We can’t wait to see what the Duffer Brothers have in store when they step outside the world of The Upside Down.”

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

So far, Netflix has released one trailer for Season 4 of Stranger Things, which gives us our first glimpse of David Harbor’s Jim Hopper (HE’S ALIVE) in what appears to be a prison camp in Russia. The streamer revealed the teaser trailer on Valentine’s Day 2020, with the caption, “From Russia With Love…” Watch the teaser below:

When Will New Episodes of Stranger Things 4 Release on Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t set a release date for Season 4 yet, but the Season 3 finale may give us some clues for when Stranger Things Season 4 will take place: Before Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven move away from Hawkins at the end of the episode, Mike and Eleven discuss visiting each other for Thanksgiving and Christmas of that year.

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While the events of Season 1 technically happened in November (and prominently featured Christmas lights) we have yet to see the show tackle Thanksgiving or Christmas – and a Christmas setting could pave the way for some awesome ’80s homages to the likes of Gremlins, Die Hard (again!), or Silent Night, Deadly Night. Season 2 took place around Halloween, while Season 3 is set in the summer in the days leading up to July 4, so if the show wants to continue with a holiday theme, Christmas would make sense – although the young cast may age too quickly for the show to believably pull off Season 4 taking place just a few months after Season 3.

In terms of when Stranger Things will actually premiere, we can look to its previous drops on Netflix for some clues. Season 1 premiered in July 2016, Season 2 in October 2017, and Season 3 in July 2019. If the Duffer brothers continue to follow this pattern, then we can assume Season 4 could premiere in October 2020. However, the show is still in the early stages of production, with plenty of shooting and post-production work ahead. So, with Season 4’s narrative possibly taking place during Christmas, perhaps a December 2020 release date isn’t out of the question?

Is Stranger Things 4 the Last Season?

Back in August 2017, the Duffer brothers gave an interview in which they said Stranger Things would end after Season 4. “We think it will be a four-season thing and then out,” Ross Duffer told Vulture.

Matt Duffer added that continuing the show past that point was possible: “We just have to keep adjusting the story,” he said, but noted, “I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.” Then again, a lot can change in two years, and Shawn Levy certainly seemed to think a Season 5 was on the table as recently as last April.

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Season 3 expanded on the threat of the Upside Down by revealing that the Russian military was also investigating the creepy alternate dimension, potentially seeking to weaponize the creatures inhabiting the Upside Down, like the Demogorgon. That leaves a lot of narrative ground still to explore, in addition to the fact that we’ve had very little explanation into the mythology of the Upside Down, what the Mind Flayer actually wants, or why people seem so eager to venture into a creepy parallel universe full of deadly monsters in the first place.

Although Netflix doesn’t release ratings information for most of its series, Stranger Things has inarguably become a global phenomenon. According to third-party reports, is the most popular streaming show on the web, even when it’s between seasons, so there’s no reason to think that Netflix would cancel Stranger Things before the Duffer Brothers choose to end it. (If anything, the streaming network might encourage the Duffers to stretch it longer, as HBO reportedly tried to do with Game of Thrones.)

What Will Stranger Things Season 4 Be About?

Now that we have a Season 4 teaser trailer featuring Hopper alive and (mostly) well, we can assume that some of the stories will take place in Russia. While Netflix hasn’t released a full Season 4 synopsis, it did reveal a few details about Hopper in a press release message from the Duffer Brothers:

“We’re excited to officially confirm that production on Stranger Things 4 is now underway — and even more excited to announce the return of Hopper! Although it’s not all good news for our American; he is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human…and other. Meanwhile, back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long-buried, something that connects everything.”

With Hopper still in the mix, we expect Season 4 to delve much deeper into the mechanics of the Upside Down and what it might be used for: an army of attack-dog Demogorgons that Russia intends to release on an unsuspecting American public? A new energy source (since the Mind Flayer sure lets out a lot of lightning)? At this point, any explanation into the rules of the Upside Down would be welcome – and we also need to know why the Russians are forcing their prisoners to build a train track – what are they trying to transport?

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We also expect Season 4 to explore what happened to Hopper while he was in the Upside Down and how he got out. From the teaser trailer, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what kind of mental state Hopper is in, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see him utilized as a new host for the Mind Flayer (or maybe the Russians will brainwash and Winter Soldier him) just to up the emotional stakes for Eleven next season. The show will also no doubt need to deal with Eleven’s lost powers and how she gets them back.

The show has a few other loose ends to tie up before it’s over: Season 2 introduced Eleven’s “sister” from Dr. Brenner’s experiment, Eight, aka Kali – and even though fans weren’t wild about that episode, there are still a whole bunch of other super-powered kids out there who might come in handy against the Mind Flayer. We need to learn more about those experiments and the kids that were created as a result. We also need to learn the whereabouts of Dr. Brenner himself since right now he’s a Chekhov’s Gun that’s still hanging over Eleven.

And between the Byers family leaving Hawkins and the introduction of Russia, the show finally has an opportunity to expand beyond its small-town setting. Season 3 established that the town is special – at least when it comes to opening the gate to the Upside Down – but Alexei also revealed that there were other gates and other keys, which gives this conspiracy a much wider scope.

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Since half of the main characters are still in Hawkins, we’re probably not going to leave the town entirely (and hopefully people will actually start asking questions about the disappearances of so many Hawkins residents, including the newspaper’s editor and a couple of young lifeguards) but it would be nice to explore other parts of the Stranger Things universe. Still, given that the end of Season 3 also introduced the concept of “Satanic Panic” as a way of exploring the weird goings-on in Hawkins, that rising hysteria could also play a role in Season 4.

What do you hope to see in Stranger Things Season 4? Share your theories and predictions in the comments.

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Survivor: Winners at War Premiere Sends Its First Major Players to Extinction

Survivor: Winners at WarAnd we’re back!
Survivor: Winners at War has begun, and it didn’t waste a single second before getting the game started. In the first 10 minutes, we were reminded of the journeys…

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Survivor: Winners at War Premiere Sends Its First Major Players to Extinction

Survivor: Winners at WarAnd we’re back!
Survivor: Winners at War has begun, and it didn’t waste a single second before getting the game started. In the first 10 minutes, we were reminded of the journeys…

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Briarpatch Series Premiere Review

Warning: Spoilers for the Briarpatch premiere follow…

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Sometimes too stylized for its own good, as if Wes Anderson adapted a John Ridley novel, Briarpatch is a slice of naughty noir that might satiate your mystery cravings this winter (though it’s set in scorching temperatures) if shows like The Sinner or The Outsider are too grim and gruesome for your tastes.

Adapted from a 1984 Ross Thomas novel by podcaster/critic Andy Greenwald, and executive produced by Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail, Briarpatch is awesomely anchored by Rosario Dawson, who plays a D.C. investigator called back to her quirky, quicksand hometown of San Bonifacio, Texas (nicknamed “Saint Disgrace”) after the sudden, and explosive, murder of her sister.

As Allegra “Pick” Dill, Dawson makes for a cool and confident audience surrogate as she’s called back home for the first time in nine years to find out who put a bomb in her cop sister Felicity’s car. The labeling of “anthology series” means that Briarpatch all but promises to wrap things up by the tenth and final episode, but it’s less clear about what the show will be heading into succeeding seasons. Does it keep Dawson’s Dill around for another mystery or is the small town odd-itorium vibe the true star of the series?

[widget path=”global/article/imagegallery” parameters=”albumSlug=briarpatch-first-time-in-saint-disgrace-gallery&captions=true”]

All the hallmarks of a fun and fundamental murder mystery are on hand – from a past tragedy very few people talk about to an estranged sibling who kept a ton of secrets to an assortment of colorful-yet-shifty characters at our disposal. There’s Edi Gathegi’s chatty lawyer A.D. Singe, Jay R. Ferguson’s “big man in the mansion” Jake Spivey, and Brian Geraghty as Felicity’s married love interest, to name a few silly members of the citizenry.

Ostensible allies might be enemies, and vice versa. There are even two seemingly separate cases going on here, what with Allegra also being tapped by a senator to investigate a bunch of missing war money. If things click the way they usually do in this BBQ-slathered noir, both threads will connect somehow.

The marquee star of the show however, aside from Dawson, is the ambiance. Briarpatch notably touts Sam Esmail’s involvement because Briarpatch, like Mr. Robot, presents us with off-kilter visuals and audibles. Often times feeling like a graphic novel come to life, it does run the risk of drowning in its own delirium. As this premiere episode moves forward, the tone smoothes out some, but right out of the gate you’re hit with a lot.

[widget path=”global/article/imagegallery” parameters=”albumSlug=midseason-tv-2020-34-shows-we-cant-wait-to-watch&captions=true”]

Nothing feels quite real and because of that you’re less invested overall. As Allegra enters her town, it’s ferociously hot, random animals are on the loose, and her hotel is somehow incapable of clearing up a room service tray left out in the hall (to get symbolically blanketed in ants over days). It’s like she walked onto the set of a Coen Bros. film and not a grounded, true place.

Fortunately, Dawson’s Dill isn’t phased easily and her tendency to cut through small talk and pleasantries helps us navigate the dreamscape. Her non-reactivity is what makes the craziness around her work because if it’s somehow all normal to her, it can be more readily accepted by us.


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Drops, Collabs and a Faster Fashion Pace Push Première Vision Paris to Change Trade Show Dates

PARIS — Première Vision Paris is getting ahead.
Starting in 2021, both editions of the Paris-based textile show will take place earlier in the year: The spring edition will run from Feb. 2 to 4, 2021 — 10 days earlier than previous iterations — and the fall fair, usually scheduled in the second half of September, will run from July 6 to 8, over two months earlier.
The organizers of Première Vision Paris made the decision following a study conducted in partnership with the Institut Français de la Mode, or IFM, in November and December. It revealed that brands have to tackle material sourcing — one of the first steps in the creation of a collection — a lot earlier to fit with a faster rhythm of production.
Out of the 1,765 brands, designers and retailers who were interviewed — based in France, Germany, the U.K. and Italy, the five countries that account for 75 percent of apparel sales in Europe — only 49 percent of them stick to the seasonal tradition of commercializing two ready-to-wear collections a year.
“As a matter of comparison, there were 63 percent of them during our previous study in 2015,” said Gilles Lasbordes, general manager of Première Vision Paris,

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The Flash: Midseason Premiere Review

Warning: this review contains full spoilers for The Flash: Season 6, Episode 10. If you need a refresher on where we left off, here’s our review for the midseason finale and our full review of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

[poilib element=”accentDivider”]

It’s funny to think how little we knew about the future direction of The Flash coming into the second half of Season 6. Crisis on Infinite Earths had been casting a huge shadow over the series, to the point where we didn’t even know if Barry Allen would still be alive come January. And even once it became clear Grant Gustin’s Barry wasn’t the one sacrificing his life to save the multiverse, there was still the question of what conflicts and villains would drive the series post-Crisis. Thanks to “Marathon,” we now have a much clearer sense of how the series will move forward from the crossover. This episode deftly balances the need to reflect the events of Crisis while also building a clear path forward.

Surprisingly, the tone of “Marathon” isn’t as lighthearted as you might expect now that Barry has just been given a second lease on life. Apart from that early CC Jitters scene, this episode is a fairly glum exploration of how the various members of Team Flash are moving forward from Crisis. This does feel like an appropriate choice, however. With multiple heroes having sacrificed everything to save the multiverse, a lighthearted, feel-good midseason premiere would probably ring hollow. This goes back to one of the main strengths of Season 6 – it’s better at tone management and knowing when to be funny and when to let the drama carry the day.

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“Marathon” is also notable for featuring Arrow’s David Ramsey in his first guest role since that show wrapped. I’m sure we were all hoping this episode would follow up on Arrow’s big cliffhanger, but the script is very careful to place this episode’s events before the Diggle family’s departure from Star City. Instead, Dig plays a more understated but still important role, helping Barry come to terms with Ollie’s death. I appreciate how this storyline subverts expectations by revealing there’s no actual mystery at all and Ollie’s final gift is truly just that – a gift to commemorate a friendship that helped establish the Arrowverse as we know it today. Plus, it never gets old watching Dig deal with Speed Force-induced motion sickness.

In another surprise, welcome twist, Iris is turning out to be the driving force of the show’s post-Crisis status quo. Her ongoing investigation and partnership with Esperanza has never really been one of the more compelling pieces of the Season 6 equation, but this episode goes a long way toward changing that. While a bit plodding at first, there’s a growing sense of danger and unease as Iris digs deeper into the mystery of McCulloch Technologies and invites both physical and legal disaster. That culminates in a very satisfying stinger scene that makes the identity of the series’ latest big villain abundantly clear.

Along the way, we also get a surprisingly different take on Doctor Light, one that doesn’t seem particularly beholden to any prior comic book incarnation. While it’s a little strange seeing Kimiyo Hoshi depicted as a ruthless assassin when she’s always been the heroic counterpoint to the fiendish Arthur Light, she does make for a fun secondary antagonist in this episode. And with the Arthur Light version having recently appeared in Titans, it stands to reason The Flash may have been limited to using Kimiyo.

The promise of an ongoing Team Flash vs. Mirror Master storyline is extremely appealing. For all that this series has done to refine the Arrowverse formula and showcase speedster villains like Reverse-Flash and Zoom, it’s never really taken advantage of the full scope of Flash’s rogues gallery. Specifically, the Flash Rogues have always felt like an afterthought. Captain Cold and Heat Wave barely spent any time as villains at all before reforming and shifting over to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The rest have been used as minor, forgettable footnotes.

[ignvideo url=””]

Even Mirror Master suffered that fate back in Season 3, with the Sam Scudder version of the character being used as a one-and-done threat to Central City. Mirror Master deserves better, and it seems that he’s finally getting better. The twist being that the classic Evan McCulloch version is being transformed into Eva McCulloch, a billionaire inventor who now exists as some sort of warped, journalist-snatching mirror demon. And as with the previous Bloodwork arc, the hope is that the the condensed nature of this storyline will prevent too much fluff and filler from gumming up the works.

Barry and Dig’s quest aside, the lingering effects of Crisis are most clearly felt in Cisco’s emotional journey. “Marathon” is great about exploring both the humor and the tension that arise in trying to come to terms with a new world built on the ashes of multiple worlds. Having Supergirl and Black Lightning as permanent neighbors is great, but what about all the new and resurrected villains that have appeared alongside them? That’s to say nothing over Cisco’s guilt and regret over taking the metahuman cure. That’s the tricky thing about the old great power and great responsibility mantra. Do superheroes get the luxury of a happy, peaceful retirement? Can they even appreciate that retirement when it comes? These are interesting questions to explore, particularly in light of how Smallville’s Clark Kent was portrayed in Crisis.

Carlos Valdes delivers what is easily the episode’s strongest performance, especially late in the game where his guilt begins to overwhelm him. It’s a welcome reminder that Cisco is far more than just the obligatory snarky tech whiz, but a character who’s grown and evolved and suffered every bit as much as Barry himself over the course of six years.

I do wish “Marathon” gave us a better sense of what Cisco’s Arrowverse future entails. There were rumors last year that Valdes was leaving the series after Season 5’s finale. Clearly that rumor didn’t pan out, but maybe there was a kernel of truth to it? It’s hard to tell if Cisco’s absence is temporary as the series builds toward a new status quo for the character, or if Cisco is being phased out so Valdes can pursue other projects. It would be a shame if Cisco exits the picture just as the series is finally finding its footing again.

[widget path=”global/article/imagegallery” parameters=”albumSlug=crisis-on-infinite-earths-aftermath-all-the-ways-the-arrowverse-has-changed&captions=true”]

One thing is clear – Nash Wells is now being positioned as Cisco’s temporary replacement on Team Flash. Having a Wells as a more permanent presence on the series is always a nice thing, particularly one who isn’t as aggressively annoying as Season 5’s Sherloque. While this episode highlights the fact that his adventurous swagger is a mask for his loneliness and guilt over his role in Crisis, there are some concerns regarding Nash’s current characterization.

For one thing, it’s a little bizarre seeing him revert to his old Nash persona so soon after his turn as Pariah. I’m not clear on how much time was supposed to have passed between Nash’s disappearance and his return as Pariah, but he definitely had the air of a man haunted by countless years of watching his failure play out in front of him. Neither the writing nor Tom Cavanagh’s performance reflect the full weight of that experience. If anything, Nash seems more bothered by his daughter’s estrangement than his role in the death of the old multiverse.

On that note, do we really need another running subplot about Harrison Wells trying to reconnect with his daughter? It’s a redundant plot twist, and seemingly unnecessary given how much drama this character already has to process. The hope is that Nash can better find his place in the team Flash dynamic in this second half of Season 6, but there are reasons for concern right now.


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Netflix and Net-a-porter Announce Premiere Date for ‘Next in Fashion’

Netflix’s “Next in Fashion” fashion competition show will premiere Jan. 29.
Hosted by Tan France (“Queer Eye”) and designer/model Alexa Chung, it has contestants competing for a $ 250,000 prize and a chance to have their collection sold on Net-a-porter. Guest judges include Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Stewart, Instagram’s Eva Chen and Net-a-porter’s global buying director Elizabeth von der Goltz.
“We’ve always been huge supporters of emerging designers…and this fits into that,” said von der Goltz, speaking to WWD exclusively about the shopping platform’s partnership with the show, and mentioning Net-a-porter’s The Vanguard program for emerging designers as a parallel. “Everything today is experiential and fashion fits into that perfectly. And us being digital, the way we communicate is online…streaming fits into who we are as a retailer.”
Discovering up-and-coming talent has become a commodity for shoppers, she added of the show’s appeal. “Our EIPs, our top customers, are super savvy, and they have power brands they will always wear, but they also want to be seen in a brand not everyone knows,” von der Goltz said, noting that she has bought brands that have never shown at a fashion week after finding them on Instagram, and that streaming is just another channel for discovering

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Amazon Shoppable Fashion Competition Series ‘Making the Cut’ Announces Premiere Date

Will the future of fashion be streaming?
Maybe. Several shows combining fashion, storytelling and digital commerce are launching in the coming months.
On Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., Amazon announced its new fashion competition series, “Making the Cut,” will premiere March 27.
“We are excited to be able to produce a show that really looks for the next global brand…and create the situation where [designers] are set up for success when they leave us,” said executive producer Sara Rea.
Former “Project Runway” host Heidi Klum and mentor Tim Gunn lead the cast, with Naomi Campbell, Carine Roitfeld, Joseph Altuzarra and Nicole Richie as guest judges.
The program brings together 12 entrepreneurs and designers from around the world who are competing for a $ 1 million prize and the chance to turn their fledgling businesses into global brands.
Challenges take them to New York City, Tokyo and Paris (the crew shot at the Eiffel Tower over the summer), and the winning looks will be shoppable at around $ 100 or less, and in sizes from XXS to XXXL on Amazon immediately following each episode.
“People can buy it all over the world. We are going into over 200 territories,” Klum said of the difference

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HBO’s The Outsider Series Premiere Review

This is semi-spoilery review for the double episode premiere of HBO’s The Outsider, premiering Sunday, January 12.

[poilib element=”accentDivider”]

Even though True Detective rebounded with its third season (though not enough to be granted re-entry into the zeitgeist), nothing will ever match the thrill of Season 1’s mid-mystery foray into possible supernatural/Lovecraftian elements. Granted, some viewers were let down by the Season 1 finale because it didn’t go full-tilt with Carcosa and the Yellow King and all that, instead playing out in a somewhat pedestrian manner, but there’s no indication that diving headfirst into cosmic Old God waters would have given us a satisfying wrap up either.

The Outsider, based on Stephen King’s 2018 novel, is here to recapture some of that first run True Detective magic with a slow-burn Southern murder case that’s guaranteed to delve into the bats*** beyond. It’s literally going to have a bogeyman in it. It’s a guarantee. Again though, we still don’t know if these genres can successfully blend, but The Outsider’s premiere nicely kicks things off by filling its gills with all the other hallmarks that made True Detective work, like top-notch performances and artistically moody small town staleness.

[widget path=”global/article/imagegallery” parameters=”albumSlug=the-outsider-fish-in-a-barrel-gallery&captions=true”]

Jason Bateman produces, stars, and directs the first two episodes, after having just won an Emmy for directing an episode of his Netflix series Ozark, and brings a soulful heft to the story. No, he doesn’t have the visual flair of Cary J. Fukunaga, who was able to make such a huge impression with True Detective, but he’s got the right idea when it comes to presenting a reality capable of cradling a nightmarish tale – one that takes its time folding the “things that go bump” into the proceedings. He’s also spot on when it comes to his own performance and the work from the other leads, presenting an assortment of characters trying to come to grips with a confounding series of events.

Bateman plays a respected teacher and little league coach, Terry Maitland, who’s arrested, quite publicly, for the murder and mutilation of a young boy. It’s such a spectacle, in fact, fueled by local Detective Ralph Anderson’s own haunted past, that there’s no way that, convicted or not, this doesn’t ruin Terry’s life forever and permanently place an unwashable stain on his wife and kids. Ben Mendelsohn’s Anderson gets to wrestle with, and regret, this choice over the course of these first two episodes as conflicting evidence begins to surface. And it’s a great place to anchor these opening chapters, since it gives Anderson a reason to push forward and try to solve a case that can’t be explained with reason or rational thought.

Fingerprints and eyewitnesses (including security footage) seal Terry’s fate as the killer, though the cops adeptly notice that Terry’s actions feel like a man who wants to easily get caught. Terry’s actual alibi, which places him out of town with several witnesses, directly destroys the D.A.’s case and no one can make heads or tails of it. Having not read the book, and bearing in mind that numerous things have likely been tweaked for TV, I can only surmise that we’re dealing with a type of doppelgänger that frames other people for the murders it must commit to feed (probably).

[ignvideo url=””]

Whether this turns out to be the case or not, The Outsider is going to definitely lead us down a ghoulish road, but this double-sized premiere definitely stacks the deck in favor of characterization and the human side of this crucible. Mendelsohn has always been at home with broken, “grey area” characters, so much so that this knack landed him a few blockbuster movie roles as sneering villains, so it’s great to see him play a more straightforward “decent” type – a cop who lost his son now trying to undo some of the damage he was tricked into causing. The case is such a nightmare that the story doesn’t need an anti-hero. It needs an earnest investigator who doesn’t know he’s about to get lost in the shadows.

Cynthia Erivo’s lead character, P.I. Holly Gibney (a recurring King character who also appears in the author’s Mr. Mercedes books), doesn’t find her way into the story during these two episodes, giving Bateman’s “Fish in a Barrel” and “Roanoke” a very purposeful set-up feel. This is the tragic Terry-centric inciting incident that starts Mendelsohn’s Anderson down a paranormal path, towards an endgame that anyone’s guess. At this point, he’s in it to help clear Terry’s name, but it feels very unlikely he’ll ever get to do that publicly given the way this apparent creature operates. So then what is justice on a show like The Outsider? We’ll have to find out. It’s off to a strong start, though.


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John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh Pack on the PDA at Dolittle Premiere

Shay Shariatzadeh, John CenaLook at the beautiful couple!
John Cena and girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh stepped out this weekend for the premiere of Dolittle at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood Village, Calif….

E! Online (US) – lifestyle


Selena Gomez Turns Heads in Striking Color-Block Outfit at Dolittle Premiere

Selena Gomez, Fashion Police WidgetAll eyes were on Selena Gomez as she walked the green carpet at the premiere of her latest film, Dolittle.
The 27-year-old pop star and actress wore a color-block Givenchy fall 2019…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Premiere: Jax Taylor Demotes Best Man Tom Sandoval and More Drama!

Jax Taylor, Vanderpump RulesA housewarming party from hell.
On Tuesday’s season eight premiere of Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump’s current and former employees came together for a housewarming party at…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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The Women Have Arrived on The Bachelor Premiere, With Hannah Brown

The Bachelor, Season 24 premiereAt this point, it’s not a new year until we’ve seen 30 women climb out of a limousine.
The Bachelor premiered tonight, and while it’s an unusual three-hour episode truly…

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The Women Have Arrived on The Bachelor Premiere, With Hannah Brown

The Bachelor, Season 24 premiereAt this point, it’s not a new year until we’ve seen 30 women climb out of a limousine.
The Bachelor premiered tonight, and while it’s an unusual three-hour episode truly…

E! Online (US) – TV News


YouTube will premiere a Coachella documentary on March 31st

YouTube will premiere a Coachella documentary on March 31stSave for a year off in 2000, Coachella has been held every year since 1999, and YouTube is celebrating two decades of the music festival with an upcoming documentary. Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert will debut on the platform March 31st.

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The Real Bachelor Premiere Reunion Between Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Was Genuinely Shocking

The Bachelor, Season 24 premiereWe feel alive right now. Do you feel alive right now? We have never felt this alive.
The Bachelor just premiered with Peter Weber at the helm, the first season since, you could argue,…

E! Online (US) – TV News


The Real Bachelor Premiere Reunion Between Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Was Genuinely Shocking

The Bachelor, Season 24 premiereWe feel alive right now. Do you feel alive right now? We have never felt this alive.
The Bachelor just premiered with Peter Weber at the helm, the first season since, you could argue,…

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Charlize Theron and Kate McKinnon Premiere ‘Bombshell’ in NYC

As “Bombshell” premiered in New York on Monday night, director Jay Roach reflected on the film’s place in the #MeToo era, especially in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s recent headline-making interview with the New York Post (made in the midst of his much-publicized trial for sexual assault), where the disgraced producer said, “I made more movies […]



Final Star Wars premiere: What the critics say

The Force is said to be strong with the final instalment in the Star Wars saga, with first reactions from the premiere declaring it an “immensely satisfying” finale to the saga.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Premiere: See All the Stars Arrive

Mark Hamill, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiereWe’ve got a good feeling about this! The premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in full swing!
Celebs are currently hitting the red carpet in Los Angeles in celebration of…

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Brands Want Shine and Flexibility, Say Exhibitors at Blossom Première Vision

PARIS — It was a quiet scene at Blossom Première Vision, the trade show targeting the pre-collections market held on Dec. 11 and 12 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.
“Things aren’t usually so calm,” said Laurent Bové, sales manager of leather manufacturer Cuirs du Futur, gesturing to the nearly empty alleys of the textile trade show. “The French railway strikes have really affected business today.”
Traffic at the eighth edition of the show dipped from 1,100 visitors at the December 2018 edition to a mere 827, according to the organizers, who cited the countrywide railway strike, resulting traffic issues and flight cancelations as reasons for pre-checked-in visitors to postpone or cut short their visit.
The turnout was particularly disappointing given that the number of exhibitors grew 3.5 percent to 120 for this edition, in part thanks to the addition of eight new weavers and two leather tanneries. The trade show, which is targeted to the high-end luxury houses, has become for many brands the starting point for their fabric research, in this instance for spring 2021.
However, some visitors quite enjoyed the calm setting. “What I like about Blossom Première Vision is that it’s at human scale,” said Pierre Kaczmarek, the founder

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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’: First Reactions from the World Premiere

Disney’s third and final film in the latest Star Wars trilogy, “The Rise of Skywalker,” had its world premiere Monday night in Los Angeles with audience members quickly taking to Twitter afterward to share their reactions. The review embargo for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” lifts on Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 12:01 a.m. PST. […]



See Taylor Swift and More Stars Hit the Red Carpet at the Cats Premiere

Taylor Swift, Cats premiereThe stars of Cats are on the prowl at tonight’s New York City premiere!
Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba and more members of the stellar cast have arrived to…

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Emma Watson is Setting a New Fashion Trend at the Little Women Premiere

Emma WatsonIf you thought you couldn’t wear thigh-high boots and a long dress, think again.
The Harry Potter alum, Emma Watson, has been dominating the red carpet for as long as we can remember…

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Vikings: Season 6 Premiere Review

This is a review of the Vikings Season 6 premiere, which featured back-to-back episodes, “New Beginnings” and “The Prophet.” The first 10 episodes of Season 6 start now, with the remaining 10 landing sometime later in 2020. 

As the final season of Vikings kicks off, it’s hard not to look back at the full scope of this series. The fast-travel and time jumps employed by this ambitious saga felt jarring and clunky during its first few seasons, but once they became more firmly established as the show’s blueprint for larger, grander storytelling, and once the show definitively settled into continuing on long after the death of centerpiece Ragnar Lothbrok, it became an exemplary example of epic ensemble work.

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Netflix’s The Witcher Season 1 Premiere Twitter Reactions

The Witcher fans were treated to an early screening of the premiere episode of the upcoming Netflix series that debuts on December 20, 2019, and the first impressions are very positive.

Many say that it’s everything they wanted it to be and that Henry Cavill makes a great Geralt. (Watch Cavill explain how The Witcher 3 inspired his take on Geralt in our interview below.)

Here’s our roundup of the first reactions to Netflix’s The Witcher.

@MacDoesIt says Netflix’s The Witcher is “everything I wanted it to be.”

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Rick and Morty: Season 4 Premiere Review

Note: this is a spoiler-free review of Rick and Morty Season 4, episode 1, “Edge of ToMorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,” originally published on Nov. 8. Check out our spoiler-filled discussion of the Rick and Morty Season 4 premiere in the video above.

The long Rick and Morty drought is finally over. Not only that, the series has been renewed for an impressive 70 new episodes, with creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon promising more new material on a faster timetable. And fears that the more ambitious schedule might dampen the actual quality of the series should be quickly put to rest after watching the Season 4 premiere. The series still knows how to blend absurdist, nihilistic humor with high-concept sci-fi and a dash of pathos.

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"Ford v Ferrari" World Premiere

Christian Bale, Matt Damon and more celebrities tell on their experience filming the flick based on the remarkable true story of Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles.
E! Online Videos (US)


Selena Gomez and Little Sister Gracie Steal the Show at Frozen 2 Premiere

Selena Gomez, Gracie, Frozen ll premiereSelena Gomez and her little sister Grace Teefey are showing us all how it’s done!
The Frozen 2 premiere was basically a Selena and Gracie masterclass on how to turn heads in all the…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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"The Morning Show" World Premiere

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon & more stars chat about the cutthroat world of morning news. Check out the red carpet interviews.
E! Online Videos (US)


Apple TV+ shows and movies premiere today

Apple TV+ shows and movies premiere todayNow that it's November, we've reached the release date of Apple's streaming video service, Apple TV+. MacRumors points out an Instagram story post for one of its shows, The Morning Show, with an embedded countdown set for 1PM ET/10 AM PT. That's Apple's favorite time to push out software updates, so it's not surprising they'd pick the same time to launch their original TV efforts.

Oddly, while the story for See is also marked for 1PM ET, other shows like For All Mankind and Dickinson have a countdown set for 3 PM. We'll see if they all launch at once or are just staggered, but some people are already able to access the service on their Apple devices.

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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Are Red Carpet Royalty at The Morning Show’s Premiere

Jennifer Aniston, Reese WitherspoonReunited and it looks so good!
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will once again be sharing the small screen together, and from the looks of their red carpet appearance on Monday at…

E! Online (US) – TV News


"Jojo Rabbit" World Premiere

Join E! on the red carpet as Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson & more stars chat about their comedy war movie. Was it hard not to laugh during filming? Watch!
E! Online Videos (US)


Will and Grace Gets Final Season Premiere Date After NBC Moves Sunnyside Online

SunnysideThe first schedule change of the 2019 fall TV season is upon us.
NBC is moving Sunnyside, the Thursday-night comedy co-created by and starring Kal Penn, online following the Thursday,…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Why Pete Davidson Missed the Saturday Night Live Premiere

Pete DavidsonNow that Pete Davidson is a movie star, is he too famous for SNL?
The 25-year-old actor and comedian, who has been a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy series since 2014, was noticeably…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Friends and the Magic September 22 TV Premiere Date

Friends CastIf you haven’t already heard, let us be the ones to tell you that Friends has been around for 25 years. That’s right, September 22 marks 25 years since viewers were first introduced to the…

E! Online (US) – TV News


‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Reunite at London Film Premiere

After nearly four years since the TV series ended, “Downton Abbey” is back with its first feature film.
The film’s London premiere on Monday brought together some fan-favorite cast members, including Michelle Dockery dressed in a gold Galvan dress, Elizabeth McGovern in a hot pink Zac Posen dress and Laura Carmichael in a black Monse look.
The “Downton Abbey” film is said to continue the events of the TV series, following the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and its servant staff in the early 20th century. The film begins with a visit from King George V and Queen Mary to the Downton Abbey estate.
While the picture brings back many of the TV show’s favorites, actresses Lily James and Rosamund Pike will not appear in the upcoming film. The film is set to release in the U.S. on Sept. 20.
Click through the above gallery to see red carpet photos from the “Downton Abbey” London film premiere.
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Meghan Markle Supports Serena Williams at U.S. Open
The Story Behind the Ruby Tiara Queen Elizabeth II Wore to Meet President Trump
WATCH: How to Recreate Meghan Markle’s Messy Bun

if(typeof(jQuery)==”function”){(function($ ){$ .fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Premiere Jumps Right Into the Blake Horstmann Drama

Bachelor in ParadiseWell it didn’t take long for Bachelor in Paradise to give us all that drama it’s been promising.
Never before has this show leaned so far into the fact that these people don’t…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Eva Longoria Looks Like a Ray of Sunshine at the Dora and the Lost City of Gold Premiere

 Eva LongoriaEva Longoria is shining bright!
On Sunday, the 44-year-old actress showed up and showed out at the Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie premiere in Los Angeles. She looked like a ray of…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Danielle Brooks Debuts Baby Bump in Christian Siriano Gown at ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Premiere

Danielle Brooks used a high fashion moment to reveal her pregnancy.
The actress arrived at the New York premiere for the final season of Netflix’s hit show, “Orange Is the New Black,” Thursday wearing a custom Christian Siriano silver sequin gown with a white blazer and matching oversize hat. Brooks was joined by Siriano on the red carpet, who helped adjust the gown’s train for her photo op, where she gladly cradled her baby bump for the photographers.

Danielle Brooks and Christian Siriano at the “Orange Is the New Black” final season premiere. 
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Siriano’s looks were also seen on a number of actresses at the premiere, including Laverne Cox in a tulle ballgown, Diane Guerrero in a pink tartan dress and Adrienne C. Moore in a cheetah print look.

View this post on Instagram

They were playing 🎶In my feelings🎶 during this moment as I walked down the back carpet to greet our loyal fans. It was the perfect song cause boy was I in my feelings, just completely overwhelmed getting to see all of your smiling faces. You have held us up for 7 seasons. We love you so much. The 7th and final season of @oitnb

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Riverdale’s Luke Perry Tribute and Season 4 Premiere Episode to Star Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty, Luke PerryShannen Doherty will appear on Riverdale to help pay tribute to her late friend and former co-star Luke Perry.
In June, the creator of the CW series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, revealed that…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Harley Quinn Series Premiere: “Pilot” Review

Note: this is a spoiler-free advance review of the series premiere of Harley Quinn, which screened at Comic-Con tonight. The series will debut on the DC Universe app in October.

DC Universe may not come close to rivaling Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in terms of the sheer amount of exclusive content, but there is quite a lot to be said for the “quality over quantity” approach. So far DCU’s selection ranges from solid (Titans) to excellent (Young Justice: Outsiders) to literally one of the best shows of 2019 (Doom Patrol). Harley Quinn keeps the hot streak going. It’s a far more slapstick and raunchy alternative to the rest of DC’s animated line, but one that also gets Harley in a way not every adaptation does.

Continue reading…



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Peaky Blinders fifth series premiere held in Birmingham

The world premiere of the fifth series of Peaky Blinders was held in Birmingham ahead of its return to BBC One later this year.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


‘We love you guys,’ Beyonce tells Meghan at Lion King premiere

British royalty and American royalty graced the red carpet at the European premiere of The Lion King on Sunday night.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Beyoncé Meets Meghan and Harry at “The Lion King” UK Premiere

It’s been a star-studded weekend of events in the UK with the Wimbledon finals, but perhaps the hottest ticket in town was the London premiere of “The Lion King” on Sunday night.
The hotly-anticipated remake of the blockbuster 1994 Disney animated film, which hits theaters this week, stars Donald Glover and Beyoncé Knowles Carter, who voice Simba and Nala, respectively. While the presence of Beyoncé on any red carpet is a royal event by Hollywood standards (case in point: when Knowles Carter and daughter Blue Ivy Carter showed up to the film’s Los Angeles premiere in matching custom Alexander McQueen), the addition of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made Sunday night’s premiere a true royal affair.
Beyoncé  and Jay-Z, who actually gave a shoutout to the Duchess displaying a portrait of her behind them in an Instagram post upon receiving their Brit Award in February, met Meghan and Harry for the first time on the red carpet, as seen on this video that’s gone viral.
Knowles Carter wore a custom draped gold gown from Cong Tri, while the Duchess and new mother of baby Archie wore a black A-line Jason Wu dress with a sheer illusion top and sleeves. In the video,

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Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter Are Dripping in Diamonds at The Lion King World Premiere

Beyonce, The Lion King Premiere, Red Carpet FashionBeyoncé has arrived to the world premiere of The Lion King, which means everyone can step “to the left, to the left.”
The superstar singer, who voices the role of Nala in…

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Stranger Things: Season 3 Spoiler Free Premiere Review

This is a spoiler-free review for the Stranger Things Season 3 premiere, titled “Suzie, Do You Copy?” All 8 episodes will be available to binge on Netflix on Thursday, July 4, 2019. If you need a refresher, be sure to check out our Stranger Things Season 2 Ending Explained

It’s been an agonizing year and a half since we were last in the imaginative world of Stranger Things, and a lot has changed for both the characters and the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. For one thing, the kids are older, and with that particular change comes a level of maturity, which gives the Season 3 premiere – titled “Suzie, Do You Copy?” – a darker tone and a more complex narrative that’s refreshing to watch. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer wisely focus their creative attention on how the passage of time has affected our favorite characters, relegating the Upside Down stuff to the fringes… For now.

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Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere: See Every Look as the Stars Arrive

Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things Season 3 premiereHawkins, Indiana is going Hollywood!
The cast of Netflix’s Stranger Things turned out on Friday evening for the Season 3 world premiere, which took place in Santa Monica, Calif. Stars…

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This Is Us Premiere: Hilarious, Heartbreaking, and Filled with New Questions

This Is Us Season 3One hour into This Is Us season three and the question remains: Who is her?
Towards the end of tonight’s premiere, we got a little bit more of the scene we saw last season, with an…

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Captain Kirk Looks Hot at “Star Trek” Premiere

Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto switch up their style for the "Star Trek Into Darkness" Hollywood premiere. Check it out.
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12 Monkeys: Season 2 Premiere Review

Note: Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

12 Monkeys is back, and yes, it’s as trippy and twisty as ever. Am I crazy to even try to parse out meaning in the opening, when the narrator (Madeleine Stowe!) says “This is A story about how the world ends” instead of “This is THE story about how the world ends”? Three words in to Season 2, and I’m already overthinking. Actually, I loved the simplicity of the recap: 12 Monkeys as a children’s bedtime story, focusing not on the questions about the Red Forest and the whys and hows of time travel and who did what when, but on the emotional core of the series. Cole and Cassie, and how she awakened his humanity.

“The Year of the Monkey” picks up pretty much where we left off last year. After sending a wounded Cassie to Dr. Jones in 2043, he’s somehow altered history by saving Ramse instead of leaving him to die. At least, according to the Witness, who told Olivia and the rest of the Army that Ramse is supposed to have died already. But could it be possible that The Witness lied about that for… time reasons? Whatever the case is, we still don’t know what, if any, impact Ramse’s still being alive has had on the timeline, but Olivia is so over it. Ramse’s “cycle is over” and she wants him dead. Getting spoilers from the Witness makes it hard to watch life unfold in real time, I guess.

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Empire Season 2 Premiere Recap: The 13 Craziest Moments and Quotes

Empire is back, boo boos! And, to nobody's surprise, season two began with all of the over-the-top shenanigans, cutthroat double-crossings, and "can they really say that?!" lines as we have come to expect. So what…

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Chanelisms: The Most Insane Lines from the Scream Queens Premiere

Remember how we warned you that Scream Queens wasn't PC? We may have made a bit of an understatement, and you may have realized that right around the time Emma Roberts spat the words "Deaf…

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Kim Dickens Reveals Answers About That ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Premiere

There’s a big reason to be scared on Sunday nights, and it’s only partially because you have work on Monday. 

The much-anticipated “Walking Dead” companion series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” finally premiered on AMC, and it was intense. Things got started when Nick (Frank Dillane) woke up from a drug binge to discover that a bunch of people are dead and his friend is eating them. Realizing this isn’t normal, he runs into the street, gets hit by a car and winds up in a hospital bed, a la Rick Grimes – and the series gets underway. 

Image: MoviePilot/AMC

We’ve heard the companion series would be way different from “Walking Dead,” and the premiere finally showed us what that meant. While the original show has been a lot about cool zombie head shots, the “Fear” premiere focused more on the struggles of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), a school guidance counselor who couldn’t care less about being sentimental, and her boyfriend Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis), an English teacher, as they try to blend their families in the midst of a zombie outbreak. (Great timing, y’all.)

The premiere answered a lot of questions, but it raised quite a few as well. For instance, while struggling with a zombie at the end, did Madison actually get bit? And why do Madison’s kids hate Travis so much? Plus, Travis fixes a leak and says he saved them $ 300. Would it really cost that much? If so, why didn’t we all just become plumbers?

Luckily, “Fear” actress Kim Dickens talked with The Huffington Post about the premiere to answer those questions and more:

There’s a struggle between you and a zombie at the end of the first episode. Did you actually get bit?

It doesn’t appear that my character gets bitten. That’s for sure. There’s definitely scuffling, as our characters are certainly naïve of the dangers of what exactly is going on. So we get dangerously close to them.

What’s scarier: fighting zombies or raising the teens?

I personally have not raised any teens, but I have been a teenager. I jokingly said my character’s training is that she’s been wrangling teenagers for a while.

Why do the kids hate Travis so much? He seems cool.

I don’t know if they hate him. I think it’s just sort of daily dramas that go with blending a family when you have teenagers, and there’s a new authority in the house and everyone’s adjustment to that.

Since a lot of the series focuses on Los Angeles, are we going to see health-conscious or vegan zombies?

They may have been healthy before they were zombies. But I don’t think they’re very discerning in their appetite. Or they are discerning but certainly not healthy. Our zombies are fresher because they’re less decomposed. It’s an earlier place in this outbreak. So our infected — we’re not calling them zombies or walkers, we’re calling them “infected” because that’s all we know — so they look different. They’re fresher.

Though you call them infected, on “Walking Dead” they’re called walkers. LA isn’t known for people walking a lot. Do you think that gives you an advantage?

[Laughs] Well, you know, you can get in your car, and you’re stranded in traffic, so I don’t think it’s necessarily an advantage.

Will we see any LA celebrity zombies?

Wouldn’t that be great? Or go see a zombie ruin somebody’s red carpet moment. I don’t think so. Not in the first season, at least. 

Image: YouTube/MakeAGif

What is the symbol your character’s daughter Alicia gets drawn on her arm? Just a spiral?

I don’t know. That’s between her and her boyfriend’s character.

While in the hospital talking to the cops, Nick says he doesn’t even know what viscera is. Can you explain to everyone what is viscera? And can we expect more big words on the show?

[Laughs] I would imagine so. Viscera. Isn’t it parts inside the body?

Yeah, I think it’s like entrails and stuff. Speaking of that, when you guys go to the drug den there’s blood everywhere. Why don’t you call the cops at that point?

I’ve had a lot of dealings with the cops and probably wanted to get to my son first. [Madison’s] son on the show is an addict, so I think her instinct was just to try to get him on her own rather than go to the cops.

Early on, Travis repairs a leak and says it saves you $ 300. Would it really cost that much?

I don’t know. You’re gonna have to talk with the writers because that seems kind of pricey.

If the zombies don’t scare ya, the repair bills sure will.

“Fear the Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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Rape as Weapon of War: San Francisco Opera’s World Premiere of Two Women (La Ciociara)


“If you succeed in passing through this line without leaving a single enemy alive (…), I proclaim: these women, these houses, this wine, all that you find there is yours, for your pleasure and your will.” The same promise could have been made in ancient biblical times, or uttered by Agamemnon facing Troy, but in this historical case it was made in World War II. In 1944, a French general goaded Moroccan soldiers to break the German lines in Monte Cassino, Italy, in a battle that allowed the Allies to advance toward Rome and ultimate victory. The spoils of war: some 7,000 Italian women were marocchinate or “morrocaned”– raped in the days following the battle.


This is the background for Marco Tutino‘s new opera Two Women (La Ciociara), based on Alberto Moravia‘s 1958 novel of the same name that led to the filmed version by Vittorio de Sica, starring Sophia Loren as the Roman shopkeeper Cesira, a young widow and mother of a teenage girl. (The film can be watched free on the internet.)

Commissioned by David Gockley, the adventurous director of San Francisco Opera (seven new operas commissioned during his tenure), Tutino co-wrote the libretto and composed the work for star soprano Anna Caterina Antonacci, the perfect operatic incarnation of the down-to-earth, clever, resourceful and sexy heroine. Antonacci is a beauty who has created sensations with the roles of Carmen (Bizet) and Cassandra (Berlioz). She managed seemingly effortlessly to step into Sophia Loren’s shoes in this story of a refugee mother trying in vain to protect her innocent daughter and herself from the dangers of war.


Gockley gathered a remarkable team around Tutino (a renowned composer in Italy, but barely known in the States) and Antonacci: director Francesca Zambello whose latest coup at San Francisco Opera was her “all-American” Ring Cycle; set designer Peter J. Davison who created spectacular town and village scenes of war using historical footage and video collages by S. Katy Tucker; and Company Music Director and conductor Nicola Luisotti.


A provocative concept

Tutino has written a 21st century opera that looks back at two traditions: the style of Italian verismo opera (like I Pagliacci or Cavalleria Rusticana, both performed at the Met last season) and post-War neo-realism in Italian cinema, creating an excitingly modern blend of these traditional styles. The new opera (Tutino’s fifteenth) has been poorly received by the American press, mocked as Puccini-light, as not neo-verismo (as director Zambello called it) but hyper-verismo. It has also been belittled as relentlessly melodramatic film music. These critical voices sound much like the critics who attacked Puccini some hundred years ago and still love to attack him today.

“Musical modernism being so chic — let’s turn our back on that!” Gockley proposed at a press conference for the opera, “Be heroic: go against the grain!” My modernism-tired ears pricked up with relief, thinking: it’s about time. Look at Philip Glass who already stepped out some 30 years ago… With Tutino (and two years ago Mark Adamo’s The Gospel of Mary Magdalen), Gockley hopes to “ignite a new tradition.” Tutino is a neo-romantic composer who dares to show that music has its richest roots in the past. His work honors and celebrates tradition instead of exhausting his energy in trying to annihilate it. Of course, this makes his music a provocation to the modernist party-line.


A new tradition

Two Women walks a satisfying line between harmony and dissonance, high drama and lyrical sensitivity. The composer’s particular talent lies in the way he writes for the singing voice, the area where most modernist composers tend to fail most painfully. He gives them melodic lines and phrases that are fully integrated into the orchestral composition. There are no arias in the classical sense, but a style of writing between aria and recitative: in an interview Antonacci compared them to arioso recitatives by Mozart.

One could argue that every now and then the drama is laid on a bit thick, as when the return of mother and daughter to Cesira’s native village is announced by a long, bombastic “homeland” surge of the orchestra. But most of the time Tutino’s dramatic urgency keeps the dread of war present and acute, conveying that, like it or not, being at the edge of life and death is relentless.

By comparison with the novel and film version of Two Women, Tutino exaggerates the role of the villain, Giovanni (powerfully sung by baritone Mark Delavan), a macho rapist par excellence who hounds Cesira throughout the story. One has to remember, however, that opera aims at the archetypal. (Just open the newspaper any day to find that macho rapists have a timeless presence.) Tutino maintains the importance of Michele, the pacifist school teacher with communist leanings (sung with good voice but without much charisma by young, debuting tenor Dimitri Pittas). Michele befriends Cesira, becomes her new love interest and is promptly executed by the fascist Giovanni.


Mother-daughter drama

Toward the end, as the dramatic story of Cesira and her daughter Rosetta’s survival tenses up, Tutino becomes more lyrical, balancing the brutality of rape and murder with the melancholy of popular songs (“Unlucky is he who hopes and dreams…”), a wartime pop hit and village waltzes — musical themes that in fact are woven throughout the composition.

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes reunites mother and daughter after they have been raped (offstage) by a bunch of Moroccan soldiers. Rosetta, sung with girlish purity by a brilliant young singer-actress, Sarah Shafer, has turned into a lump, stunned with childlike disbelief and devastating adult realization. Cesira tries to approach her, and under Zambello’s subtle psychological direction, Antonacci is torn with guilt and shame, aware there are only wrong approaches, wrong moves, and yet irresistibly drawn by the pain and pity of a mother. Rosetta rejects her, and Cesira sings a tender, desperate lullaby, telling her child to sleep and forget: tomorrow there will be no pain, hoping against hope to still comfort her daughter.


This scene would have made a daringly ambivalent, modern ending. But Tutino pulls off another finale, a village scene with a post-war crooner (charming real-life pop singer Pasquale Esposito) leading the dance. The repercussions of the girl’s rape are present in the way Rosetta dances with a disturbing mixture of innocence and self-abnegation, yielding to every man in the square, while her mother helplessly looks on.

If this kind of highly realistic storytelling disturbs critics who scorn it as hyper-verismo, I suspect they prefer not to feel what this opera offers them to feel. (Making me wonder if modernism in music, being an early 20th century and post-War creation, chose as its mission precisely this avoidance of feeling.)

The final scene provides traditional operatic story “closure” with the triumph of the Allied Forces, the unmasking of the collaborator Giovanni and the revelation of his crime of killing Michele. This denouement leads to a somewhat happier ending when mother and daughter are able to share their tears in each other’s arms.

Clear and present danger

The audience was thrilled the day I saw the performance, celebrating the heros and going after the villains with rigorous boos, while outside, at Civic Plaza, hundreds of thousands of Gay Pride revelers danced and shouted their now legal liberation from arcane patriarchal lore.


The clear and present danger for women in a war zone is reflected in another oeuvre San Francisco Opera presents right now, featuring Antonacci again, this time in the five-hour epic Les Troyens, The Trojans, by Berlioz. Here, as the visionary of Troy’s downfall and doom, she convinces the women of Troy to commit collective suicide rather than submit to the victors, the murdering, raping, enslaving hordes of Greek men.

In this exciting summer season of SF Opera, turning back to the past, in history as well as in musical traditions, is perfectly relevant for our time.

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Your Complete Guide To 2015’s Fall TV Premiere Dates

While we’re still in the midst of the summer TV season and avoiding the heat with “True Detective” and the remaining episodes of “Hannibal,” there’s also fall TV to look forward to. With new shows like “Supergirl,” ABC’s “The Muppets” reboot and the TV adaptation of “Limitless,” plus new seasons of your favorite shows, there’s plenty to keep your DVRs busy.

Here’s when new and returning shows premiere this fall:

Monday, Sept. 14
“Dancing with the Stars” 8:00 p.m. ET (ABC)

Tuesday, Sept. 15
“Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris” 10:00 p.m. ET (NBC)

Monday, Sept. 21
“The Big Bang Theory” 8:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“The Voice” 8:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“Life in Pieces” 8:30 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Scorpion” 9:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Blindspot” 10:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“Castle” 10:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“NCIS: Los Angeles” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

the muppets

“The Muppets”

Tuesday, Sept. 22
“The Muppets” 8:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“NCIS” 8:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Fresh Off the Boat” 8:30 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Dancing with the Stars: Results Show” 9:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“NCIS: New Orleans” 9:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Limitless” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

Wednesday, Sept. 23
“The Middle” 8:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“The Mysteries of Laura” 8:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“Survivor” 8:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“The Goldbergs” 8:30 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Law & Order: SVU” 9:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“Modern Family” 9:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Black-ish” 9:30 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Nashville” 10:00 p.m. ET (ABC)

heroes reborn

“Heroes Reborn”

Thursday, Sept. 24
“Grey’s Anatomy” 8:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Heroes Reborn” 8:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“The Blacklist” 9:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“Scandal” 9:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“How to Get Away with Murder” 10:00 p.m ET (ABC)
“The Player” 10:00 p.m. ET (NBC)

Friday, Sept. 25
“The Amazing Race” 8:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Last Man Standing” 8:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Hawaii Five-0” 9:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Shark Tank” 9:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Blue Bloods” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

Saturday, Sept. 26
“48 Hours” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

Sunday, Sept. 27
“60 Minutes” 7:30 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Once Upon a Time” 8:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Blood & Oil” 9:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Quantico” 10:00 p.m. ET (ABC)

blood and oil

“Blood & Oil”

Tuesday, Sept. 29
“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” 9:00 p.m. ET (ABC)
“Beyond the Tank” 10:00 p.m. ET (ABC)

Wednesday, Sept. 30
“Criminal Minds” 9:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Chicago P.D.” 10:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“Code Black” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

Friday, Oct. 2
“Dr. Ken” 8:30 p.m. ET (ABC)

Sunday, Oct. 4
“Madam Secretary” 8:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“The Good Wife” 9:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“CSI: Cyber” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

the flash

“The Flash”

Tuesday, Oct. 6
“The Flash” 8:00 p.m. ET (The CW)
“iZombie” 9:00 p.m. ET (The CW)

Wednesday, Oct. 7
“Arrow” 8:00 p.m. ET (The CW)
“Supernatural” 9:00 p.m. ET (The CW)

Thursday, Oct. 8
“The Vampire Diaries” 8:00 p.m. ET (The CW)
“The Originals” 9:00 p.m. ET (The CW)

Friday, Oct. 9
“Reign” 8:00 p.m. ET (The CW)
“Undateable” 8:00 p.m. ET (NBC)
“America’s Next Top Model” 8:00 p.m. ET (The CW)



Tuesday, Oct. 13
“Chicago Fire” 10:00 p.m. ET (NBC)

Friday, Oct. 16
“People Are Talking” 8:30 p.m. ET (NBC)

Monday, Oct. 19
“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” 8:00 p.m. ET (The CW)
“Jane the Virgin” 9:00 p.m. ET (The CW)



Monday, Oct. 26
“Supergirl” 8:30 p.m. ET (CBS)

Tuesday, Oct. 27
“Wicked City” 10:00 p.m. ET (ABC)

Friday, Oct. 30
“Grimm” 9:00 p.m. ET (NBC)

Thursday, Nov. 5
“Mom” 9:00 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Angel From Hell” 9:30 p.m. ET (CBS)
“Elementary” 10:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

Tuesday, Nov. 10
“Chicago Med” 10:00 p.m. ET (NBC)

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Evenflo Portable BabySuite Premiere, Penelope

Evenflo Portable BabySuite Premiere, Penelope

Evenflo Portable BabySuite Premiere, Penelope: Extended use with Tummy Time playmat with detachable toy bar creating a clean, safe play space for baby Convenient full-size playard with rotating changer EZ Zip-in bassinet with light blocking side panels No lock hinges for quick and easy set-up and take down allowing you to move playard from room to room Carry bag makes traveling a breeze Questions about product recalls? Items that are a part of a recall are removed from the site, and are no longer available for purchase. These items include items only, not those of Marketplace sellers. Customers who have purchased a recalled item will be notified by email or by letter sent to the address given at the time of purchase. For complete recall information, go to Walmart Recalls.

Price: $
Sold by USA, LLC

The Bachelorette Premiere Part 2 Recap: Sweet Girl

The Bachelorette premiere continued tonight with a one-hour episode, which is basically a Vine in Bachelorette time. And I’m happy to say that America, having already suffered the fate of watching Don Draper being very…

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Kaitlyn Bristowe Chosen As ‘The Bachelorette’ On Second Night Of Season 11 Premiere

After a two-hour Monday night premiere packed with tears, self-doubt and some less-than-impressive bachelors, we finally know who will star in the 11th season of “The Bachelorette.’ Drumroll please … Kaitlyn Bristowe.

With the Britt Nilsson sent home after just one night, “The Bachelorette” now returns to its regularly scheduled programming. Kaitlyn now has 25 suitors (some of whom had their hearts set on Britt!) to choose between.

With the departure of Britt, it may be back to business as usual for “The Bachelorette,” but the show has already ginned up enough controversy for a whole season with its two-Bachelorette gambit. Host Chris Harrison sat down with HuffPost Live and defended the approach, saying, “I love that some people are upset about it, because we’ve hit a chord with the people who are upset. It’s probably an issue you have with yourself or with other women.” Not everyone agreed, especially after an agonizing premiere that featured Britt and Kaitlyn seemingly torn up with insecurity and lashing out at each other.

But with Kaitlyn now in the driver’s seat, here’s hoping the rest of the season is a little stronger on girl power.

Also, check out HuffPost’s new podcast on “The Bachelorette”!

You can check out our future episodes of Here To Make Friends and other HuffPost Podcasts on The Huffington Post’s Sound Cloud page. Thanks to our producer, Katelyn Bogucki, our editor Jorge Corona, and our guest Jenny Mollen.

Also, check out the HuffPost Here To Make Friends podcast on iTunes and make sure to rate and review the show, too.

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Your Complete Guide To 2015 Summer TV Premiere Dates

As summer approaches, so does a crop of TV shows, both new and returning. Beyond the highly anticipated new seasons of “True Detective” and “Orange Is the New Black,” new shows and miniseries like “Wayward Pines,” MTV’s “Scream” and the Wachowskis’ “Sense8” also premiere in the coming months.

Here’s your ultimate guide to the summer premiere dates, which The Huffington Post will continue to update as more are announced.

Monday, May 11
“Girl Meets World” Season 2 premiere (Disney)

Wednesday, May 13
“Moone Boy” Season 3 premiere (Hulu)

Thursday, May 14
“Wayward Pines” series premiere (Fox)
“Maron” Season 3 premiere (IFC)

Saturday, May 16
“Bessie” premiere (HBO)

Sunday, May 17
“Keeping up with the Kardashians: About Bruce,” Part 1 (E!)

Monday, May 18
“Keeping up with the Kardashians: About Bruce,” Part 2 (E!)
“The Bachelorette” Season 11 premiere (ABC)

Wednesday, May 20
“MasterChef” Season 6 premiere (Fox)

Thursday, May 21
“Between” series premiere (Netflix)
“Beauty and the Beast” Season 3 premiere (CW)



Friday, May 22
“Jen Kirkman: I’m Gonna Die Alone” premiere (Netflix)

Monday, May 25
“Texas Rising” series premiere (History)
“The Island” series premiere (NBC)

Tuesday, May 26
“America’s Got Talent” Season 10 premiere (NBC)
“Extreme Weight Loss” Season 5 premiere (ABC)
“I Can Do That” series premiere (NBC)

Wednesday, May 27
“The Briefcase” series premiere (CBS)

Thursday, May 28
“Aquarius” series premiere (NBC)
“Louis C.K.: Live From The Comedy Store” premiere (FX)

Sunday, May 31
“Halt and Catch Fire” Season 2 premiere (AMC)


Monday, June 1
“Devious Maids” Season 3 premiere (Lifetime)
“Unreal” series premiere (Lifetime)
“The Whispers” series premiere (ABC)

Tuesday, June 2
“Pretty Little Liars” Season 6 premiere (ABC Family)
“Stitchers” series premiere (ABC Family)

Wednesday, June 3
“Melissa & Joey” Season 4 returns (ABC Family)

Thursday, June 4
“Hannibal” Season 3 premiere (NBC)

Friday, June 5
“Sense8” series premiere (Netflix)



Saturday, June 6
“Powers” Season 2 premiere (Starz)

Monday, June 8
“The Fosters” Season 3 premiere (ABC Family)
“Major Crimes” Season 4 premiere (TNT)
“Becoming Us” series premiere (ABC Family)
“Murder in the First” Season 2 premiere (TNT)

Friday, June 12
“Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 premiere (Netflix)
“Defiance” Season 3 premiere (Syfy)
“Dark Matter” series premiere (Syfy)

Tuesday, June 16
“Rizzoli & Isles” Season 6 premiere (TNT)
“Proof” series premiere (TNT)
“Tyrant” Season 2 premiere (FX)

Thursday, June 18
“The Astronaut’s Wives Club” series premiere (ABC)
“Mistresses” Season 3 premiere (ABC)
“Complications” series premiere (USA)

Friday, June 19
“Killjoys” series premiere (Syfy)

Sunday, June 21
“The Last Ship” Season 2 premiere (TNT)
“True Detective” Season 2 premiere (HBO)
“Ballers” series premiere (HBO)
“The Brink” series premiere (HBO)

true detective mcadams

“True Detective”

Wednesday, June 24
“Big Brother” Season 17 premiere, Part 1 (CBS)

Thursday, June 25
“Big Brother” Season 17 premiere, Part 2 (CBS)
“Boom!” series premiere (Fox)
“Under The Dome” Season 3 premiere (CBS)
“Rookie Blue” Season 6 premiere (ABC)
“Graceland” Season 3 premiere (USA)

Friday, June 26
“What Happened, Miss Simone?” premiere (Netflix)

Sunday, June 28
“Falling Skies” Season 5 premiere (TNT)

Monday, June 29
“Teen Wolf” Season 5 premiere (MTV)

Tuesday, June 30
“Zoo” series premiere (CBS)
“Scream” series premiere (MTV)




Wednesday, July 1
“Extant” Season 2 premiere (CBS)

Thursday, July 2
“Food Fighters” Season 2 premiere (NBC)

Monday, July 6
“Penn & Teller: Fool Us” Season 2 premiere (The CW)

Tuesday, July 7
“Hollywood Game Night” Season 3 premiere (NBC)

Thursday, July 9
“Dates” series premiere (The CW)
“Dominion” Season 2 premiere (Syfy)

Friday, July 10
“Masters of Illusion” Season 4 premiere (The CW)

Sunday, July 12
“Ray Donovan” Season 3 premiere (Showtime)
“Masters of Sex” Season 3 premiere (Showtime)

Monday, July 13
“Running Wild with Bear Grylls” Season 2 premiere (NBC)

Thursday, July 16
“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” series premiere (FX)
“Married” Season 2 premiere (FX)
“Geeks Who Drink” series premiere (Syfy)



Friday, July 17
“Wet Hot American Summer” series premiere (Netflix)

Sunday, July 19
“Welcome To Sweden” Season 2 premiere (NBC)

Wednesday, July 22
“Last Comic Standing” Season 9 premiere (NBC)
“Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” premiere (Syfy)

Sunday, July 26
“Untitled Bruce Jenner Reality Series” series premiere (E!)

Tuesday, July 28
“Face Off” Season 9 premiere (Syfy)


Monday, August 3
“Significant Mother” series premiere (The CW)

Tuesday, August 4
“Playing House” Season 2 premiere (USA)

playing house

“Playing House”

Wednesday, August 5
“America’s Next Top Model” Season 22 premiere (The CW)
“A Wicked Offer” series premiere (The CW)
“Mr. Robinson” series premiere (NBC)
“The Carmichael Show” series premiere (NBC)

Monday, August 31
“Awkward” Season 5 premiere (MTV)
“Faking It” Season 2 returns (MTV)
“Todrick” series premiere (MTV)

“The Leftovers”
“Fear The Walking Dead”
“The Strain”

See which of your favorite shows have been renewed or canceled here.

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George And Amal Clooney Take Their Love To The ‘Tomorrowland’ Premiere

George and Amal Clooney looked like the epitome of a Hollywood power couple at Disney’s “Tomorrowland” premiere in Anaheim, California, on Saturday.

The 54-year-old actor, who stars in the upcoming sci-fi adventure film, appeared absolutely smitten with his accomplished wife as he joined her and her niece Mia Alamuddin for photos on the carpet. The human rights lawyer was a vision in a chic black-and-pink minidress, while George Clooney kept it simple in an all-black suit:

george clooney

george clooney

george clooney

At the event, Clooney gushed to People about how his marriage to the 37-year-old made him more optimistic about his future.

“I wasn’t always completely optimistic about how it was going to work out personally for me. But now I am,” he said.

The pair tied the knot in Venice, Italy, on September 2014.

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Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Cindy Crawford And Her Lookalike Daughter Kaia Gerber Attend ‘Tomorrowland’ Premiere

Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber, spent some quality time together ahead of Mother’s Day at the “Tomorrowland” premiere in Anaheim, California, on Saturday. The veteran model and her 13-year-old daughter made for quite the stunning duo as they posed for photos together on the carpet. Crawford was also joined by her son Presley, 15, and her longtime husband, nightlife entrepreneur Rande Gerber.

cindy crawford

cindy crawford

cindy crawford

It looks like Crawford’s daughter will follow in her mom’s modeling footsteps. The teen landed one of her first major photo shoots in Teen Vogue’s December 2014/January 2015 issue.

Yep, that’s one gorgeous family.

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Style – The Huffington Post
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Orphan Black’s Season 3 Premiere and More Picks to Watch, Read, Stream, and Listen to This Weekend

This week has been full of entertainment ups (the new Star Wars trailer, SJP's return to television, a new gal to love on RHONY) and downs (that death on Scandal, the undecided fate of some…

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A Glee Star Wrote an Original Song for the Show: Listen to the Exclusive Song Premiere Here!

Darren Criss has officially made Glee history. No, it's not for the amount of hair gel he's been through or the number of bow ties he's worn playing Blaine Anderson. Criss has become the…

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12 for Mac and Windows

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12 for Mac and Windows

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12 for Mac and Windows combines two powerful editing programs, one for photos and one for video, into a complete and easy-to-use workflow. With a wide variety of photo and video editing tools, Photoshop/Premiere Elements 12 gives you the entire set of tools you need to create stunning photos and videos to share with your friends and family.Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 is America’s #1 selling photo editing software. It’s designed specifically for those who are just getting started with photo editing and need an easy way to organize, edit, create, and share their photos. Photoshop Elements 12 makes it easier than ever to make your photos look their best. 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Add your personal touch, instantly-Use a variety of one-touch Frames, Effects, and Textures to add depth to your snapshots. Correct pet eye-Remove green, yellow, and other “pet eye” discolorations as easily as you remove red-eye in photos of people. Learn as you use-Produce professional effects using one of more than 25 Guided Edits. New effects include Zoom Burst, which brings dramatic action to your photos; Photo Puzzle, which gives a fun puzzle effect; and Old Photo Restore, which helps you fix an old or worn photo. Share photos-Quickly post your photos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more. Now, easily share your Elements photos in shared albums, and view them on your smartphone or tablet.Go from flawed to phenomenal in seconds-Get the photo fixes you’re looking for with one-step shortcuts that whiten teeth or make skies a vibrant blue. Make unwanted photo elements vanish with one stroke of the Spot Healing Brush, and use Auto Smart Tone for intelligent photo corrections.Do it all with one powerful yet easy-to-use product-Use Photoshop Elements 12 for all your photo needs. Intuitively organize and find photos; edit and enhance them; create custom photo keepsakes; and share via print, the web, and more.Manage your photos more easily-Intuitively sort and manage photos based on people, places, and events using new Organizer views. Find your photos using visual tags that represent people, places, pets, events, and objects.Choose a trusted solution-Bring your photos to life with a powerful picture editing solution built from Adobe Photoshop, the professional standard for digital image editing.Map your memories-Relive your journeys by viewing your photos and videos on a map based on where they were taken.Create fuller panoramas-Easily create your best-looking panoramas yet. Photomerge Panorama uses powerful blending capabilities to fill in jagged edges as it automatically stitches together multiple horizontal or vertical photos.Create the perfect group shot-Never let a frown or a closed pair of eyes ruin a group photo again. With Photomerge Group Shot, it’s easy to combine faces and bodies from a series of pictures to create a single perfect composite.Show off your creativity with flexible layouts-Make calendars, scrapbook pages, cards, and more in minutes using professionally designed templates, or customize every aspect of your creations. Get fun, fresh looks with artwork and templates.Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editing software. Users of any level can use the intuitive editing controls to create beautiful movies with special effects that will wow family and friends. 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Add music to your movies-Enhance your video with over 50 musical scores. Use over 250 sound effects to add depth and drama to your movies. Spotlight your subject-Add graphics, text, and effects that move with the subject using motion tracking. Share your stories-Upload your finished movies to Vimeo, YouTube, or your personal website. Adobe Premiere Elements will optimize and format your movie for specific destinations, so your movies always look great. Now, easily share your Elements movies in shared albums and view them on your smartphone or tablet.Choose a trusted solution-Bring your videos to life with a powerful solution from the makers of Adobe Premiere(R) Pro, industry-leading professional video editing software.Do it all with one powerful yet easy-to-use product-Use Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for all your video needs. 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E!’s Fashion Police Season Premiere Pays Tribute to the Incredible Joan Rivers

The new season premiere of E!’s Fashion Police kicked off last night, but not before Kathy Griffin paid tribute to the show’s late host Joan Rivers.
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The Bachelor Premiere Recap: If It’s a Pomegranate, Then God Bless It

Just once, I would like The Bachelor's bachelor to be an accountant. Or a dentist. Or a Pottery Barn customer-service phone rep. Anything indoorsy and normal that would force the producers to abandon their quest…

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7 Lessons From ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Premiere: Chris Soules Is Prince Farming

Welcome back to the wonderful world of white wine tears, roses, grammatical incorrectness and two-month journeys toward engagement. That’s right, “The Bachelor” has returned — this time with Chris Soules, the all-American, corn-loving #PrinceFarming at its helm. This season, we’ll be recapping the highlights of each episode.

7 Things We Learned From Farmer Chris’ Premiere

1. “Love is a lot like farming.” Plow her field? Plant a seed (of love)? We can look forward to many farming-related puns in the weeks to come. Farmer Chris will never live down his choice of career in the “Bachelor” world, but we’re OK with that.

2. Arlington, Iowa is filled with old white men, Chris Soules, and one hairstyle for women. We got to catch a few glimpses of Chris’ hometown, where his future lady love will presumably move. (Our fair Bachelor is a commercial farmer, so there’s no way he’s leaving his quaint 400-person town — and his livelihood — for the big city … or medium city … or large village.) Last night we saw Chris hangin’ with his bros, who happen to be white dudes exclusively over the age of 65, and we were introduced to a few women Chris grew up with. Spoiler alert: They all had Kate Gosselin hairdos.

3. Not every event needs a red carpet. For some confusing reason, ABC decided that two hours of “The Bachelor” wasn’t enough. Apparently, what the premiere really needed was an hour-long live red carpet where old “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants loitered, chatted it up with Chris Harrison and took selfies with screaming women. To the powers that be: Please never do this again.

4. Sport Fishing Enthusiast is a viable career path. Who knew? Add this to the list of creative faux careers featured on “The Bachelor” franchise. Prince Farming’s cast of “amazing women” also includes a freelance journalist, an executive assistant, a chiropractic assistant, a dental assistant (who has a son named Kale), a news producer, a cruise ship singer, a flight attendant, a fertility nurse, a widowed guidance counselor and a crazy-eyed ballet instructor. True diversity … of jobs. There’s still only one woman of color in the 30.

5. It’s acceptable to discuss baby-making and/or human tissue on a first date. Other topics of conversation on last night’s premiere included the complexity of onions, Chris’ karaoke selections (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill songs), the six-step and the parallels between the holidays and “The Bachelor.” “It’s like Christmas morning, except your presents are women,” exclaims one of Chris’ suitors. No. NoNoNoNoNo.

6. Great first impressions are rewarded … with kisses. Hollywood waitress Britt, who according to her ABC profile loves Dave Eggers and David Foster Wallace, which will really earn her some brownie points with the snarky Twitter crowd, snagged both the first impression rose and the first kiss from our farmer. “I actually really like you!” she says. (No worries, Britt. We’re surprised too.)

7. If you get rejected, it’s probably best to accept defeat and move on. After Chris made the “gut-wrenching” decision to send home eight of the women he’d gotten to spend three minutes chit-chatting with — the emotional horror! — one of the contestants refused to slink off into the 6am sunrise limo. Kimberly (we think that’s her name?) returned to pull Chris aside, though we won’t see the inevitable uncomfortable outcome until next week.

And The Final Rose Goes To…
SAFE: Kaitlyn, Jade, Samantha, Ashley I., Tandra, Nikki, Kelsey, Megan, Alissa, Amber, Juelia, Becca, Trina, Mackenzie, Tracy, Tara (woo hoo!), Jordan, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Ashley S. (a.k.a. Onion Girl)
ELIMINATED: Amanda, Bo, Brittany, Kara, Kimberly, Michelle, Nicole, Reegan

This Season, On “The Bachelor”
Air balloons! Popping champagne! Iowa! Throwing leaves! Bikinis! Widow feels so lucky! No one is more genuine! Guns! Private concerts! This is amazing! Making out! Virgin! Stripping! Ashley is freaking out! Girl would rather chew glass than lose! Private tent hookups! Chris makes a mistake! Tears! More tears! Mascara tears! EMTs! More tears! Even more tears! Chris takes responsibility! Chris says women can go home! Widow gives Chris a second chance! Doubts wiped away! Kisses! More kisses! A future in Iowa! Chris tears!

The Best Tweets About This Week’s “Bachelor”

Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Listen to Lea Michele Sing Frozen’s “Let It Go” in the Season Premiere of Glee

Lea Michele is singing “Let It Go” in the season premiere of Glee.
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Annie Movie Premiere Sizzle (ft. Will Smith, Jay-Z & Sia)

Relive the world premiere of Annie on the red carpet with the entire cast and special appearances by Will Smith, Jay-Z, Beyonce & Sia.

See the family event of the holiday season! Get tickets now:
Release Date: 19 December 2014 (United States)

Genre: Musical / Comedy / Family
Jamie Foxx
Quvenzhané Wallis
Rose Byrne
Bobby Cannavale
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
David Zayas
and Cameron Diaz

Directed by: Will Gluck
Screenplay by: Will Gluck and Aline Brosh McKenna

Based on the musical stage play “Annie”
Book by Thomas Meehan
Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Martin Charnin

“Little Orphan Annie” © and ® Tribune Content Agency, LLC.
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Adobe Premiere 6.5 Bible

Adobe Premiere 6.5 Bible

‘In addition to being a great resource, this book could have you competing with the big studios in no time.’ David Drain, Art Director, NBCs Access Hollywood Capture dynamic images in digital video for output to PC, CD-ROM, or the Web Explore Premiere 6.5s many enhanced features for incorporating different media files Enhance your presentations and video projects with unforgettable special effects If Adobe Premiere 6.5 can do it, you can do it too. Heres your authoritative, cross-platform guide to editing and refining dynamic digital video with Adobe Premiere, the world’s leading desktop digital video application. Packed with tutorials, tips, and tricks for getting the most from Premieres amazing capabilities, it introduces you to Premiere 6.5 with a special Quickstart project and then takes you all the way to advanced techniques and special effects. With comprehensive coverage of all the enhancements in the newest version, this all-inclusive guidebook leads you from the basics to the secrets every digital video pro should know. Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of Adobe Premiere 6.5Develop digital movies, documentaries, sales presentations, and music videos directly from your desktop computer or laptop Output your digital video production to PC, CD-ROM, the Web, or videotape Integrate narration, music, and sound effects with moving images Discover how Premiere 6.5 works with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and GoLive Turn movies shot with a camcorder into exciting digital video productions Build a production using JPEG and TIFF graphics as well as digital video and audio files Bonus cross-platform CD-ROM Tryout version of Adobe Premiere, raw video clips from lessons in the book, a library of usable video clips, and more

Price: $
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