Sony Pictures Profits Climb to $628 Million As Group Earnings Slide

Profits at Sony’s pictures division, which spans film, TV content and channels, climbed from $ 489 million in the previous financial year to $ 628 million in the year to March 2020. Revenues at the division climbed from $ 8.87 billion to $ 9.32 billion. That stood in contrast to the sharply slowing figures at group level. The Japanese […]



You might think Amazon profits are soaring right now. You’d be wrong

Amazon has said it could record its first loss in five years despite a hike in revenue as it spends at least $ 4bn (£3.2bn) in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
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China Literature Profits Grow in ‘Challenging Year’

Despite what the company called a “challenging” period, Chinese online publisher and TV producer China Literature completed its first year on the stock market with a 22% increase in profits to $ 156 million (RMB1.1 billion). It was rewarded with a 10% jump in its shares by midday Wednesday. The company, which was spun off from […]



Cyber-crime profits reached $3.5bn in 2019, says FBI

People fall victim to email scams, ransomware and tech support fraud.
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Profits and Revenues Slide, but Are ‘Better Than Expected,’ Says ITV

ITV revenues and profits were in negative territory in the first half of the year, but CEO Carolyn McCall said the results were better than expected. The boss of Britain’s largest commercial broadcaster had previously said 2019 was partly about mitigating losses for the company, as major advertisers brace for Brexit. “The economic and political environment […]



Personal Training Profits and a Secure Fitness Future

Personal Training Profits and a Secure Fitness Future


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Lack of War Hurting Halliburton’s Profits
Halliburton’s Company Building in Houston, Texas.

Squeezed by the sudden reduction of global violence, Halliburton announced yesterday the unexpected lack of war will be hurting their next profit report.

“We had been hoping for several good wars in the last few years, but with the Syrian dilemma ending in trade sanctions, Congress voting against ground troops in the Ukraine during the Crimea crisis, and now the Iran Deal suspending even more war in the middle east, we are looking at a bit of a war drought,” said a company spokesman.

Dick Cheney, an expert in starting and maintaining wars, reiterated the need for a proper war soon to balance the books and keep what he called ‘the gravy train thing’ going. “It’s simple economics,” he said. “You can’t just rebuild infrastructure you haven’t blown up, at a mark up, or house and feed troops that aren’t there, where we dumped hexavalent chromium, if no one is going to be there to begin with.”

Continued war scarcity is driving certain arm manufacturers out of the war business altogether. Several long-time military industrial corporations will start diversifying and switch to more profitable peace-time products, like textbooks, agriculture, and cement. “It seems people are interested in growing food, education, and building things. Who knew?” said an unnamed CEO whose company specialized in bomb assembly.

Other executives have had it with what they call the ‘Peace Problem.’ “With diplomatic missions constantly breaking out it’s made things very difficult for us,” said an inside source. “We’re not averse to being creative, arming small militias or even supporting civilian clashes, as long as it’s an expensive conflict. We can adapt, we have children of our own to feed,” she said.

Some war mongers are being more proactive, investing heavily in conflict experts who are brought in as negotiators and can take any decent peace-time agreement and find problems with it. Sands Pierce, a professional conflict expert from EndTime, Inc. says “It’s not that hard, I just keep saying “no” to the most common sense things and ‘no’ again when all my demands are met.” Sanders warns one does have to be a professionally trained obstructionist. “It can be exhausting. Normal people don’t have the stamina to continually say ‘no’ to common sense.”

Halliburton stays hopeful. “We know everything is cyclical,” says a company spokesman. “We’re hoping this peace-time isn’t permanent. We invested a lot of money in man’s inhumanity to man, and aren’t about to give up on it yet.”


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Mama June Shannon Sued By Daughter Over ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Profits

MCDONOUGH, Ga. (AP) — The daughter of the reality TV show mother on “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is suing, saying she hasn’t been fully paid for her appearances.

Anna Cardwell filed the lawsuit Monday, saying her mother, June Shannon, the TLC network and others failed to pay her and her daughter for appearances on the show.

The lawsuit says Shannon and Honey Boo Boo LLC were in control of money meant to be put into a trust for Cardwell and her daughter. Cardwell claims she is owed more than $ 201,800 and her daughter is owed more than $ 99,500.

TLC representatives declined to comment. A phone listing for Shannon couldn’t be found.

The network canceled its colorful series about the child beauty pageant contestant Alana (Honey Boo Boo) Thompson and her Georgia family.

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handmade blue leopard bib – profits go to typhoon haiyan relief

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