Remember When Fox Tricked Women Into Thinking They Were Competing for Prince Harry’s Love?

I Wanna Marry Harry, Matthew HicksIt’s been two years since Prince Harry did the once seemingly unthinkable and made it official with Meghan Markle, an American actress when they met.
But nearly four years to the day…

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Idris Elba wants whole world to lock down for a week every year to remember coronavirus

Idris Elba has said he thinks the world should take a week of quarantine every year to “remember this time” once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
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Remember Shorty the Homeless Man?

Khloe & Kourtney build an unexpected friendship with someone they just met. Watch this classic moment the Kardashians showed a great act of kindness on "KUWTK."
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‘Your light blazes strong’: The Prodigy remember Keith Flint a year on from his death

The Prodigy have paid tribute to Keith Flint one year on from his death, saying the inimitable frontman’s “light blazes strong”.
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Remember Kourtney & Scott's Wedding Daze?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas–right? Wrong! How will Kourtney's family react when she drops some big news? Relive the crazy moment on "KUWTK."
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Jeff Probst Doesn't Remember His Forgetfulness

The "Survivor" host opens up to Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest about temporarily forgetting his wife's birthday and not even remembering it! Watch.
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Remember When Kim Tried to Fire Momager Kris?!

Believe it or not, the "KUWTK" star wanted a more professional manager back in season 1…and Kris goes nuclear after Khloe breaks the bad news to her. Watch!
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You Refresher: Everything You Need to Remember Before Joe Goldberg Returns in Season 2

You Season 2In just a couple days, Joe Goldberg is at it again.
You will debut its second season on December 26, and in case you haven’t had time to rewatch season one of the Netflix (formerly…

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You Need to Remember Why Joe From "You" Is So Creepy

Before Penn Badgley returns for "You" season 2 on Netflix, it's important to relive Joe Goldberg's 6 most evil moments so you stop liking him!
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Remember the Titans Coach Herman Boone Dead at 84

Denzel Washington, Coach Herman BooneThe legendary football coach from T.C Williams High School in Virginia who inspired the classic film Remember the Titans has died at 84.
As fans may recall, coach Herman Boone was…

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Bake Off winner ‘can’t remember’ moment of victory

The Great British Bake Off winner says they have no memory of the moment they found out they had won.
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A Year To Remember – The 1950s

A Year To Remember – The 1950s

Using rare news footage and interviews from the incredible British Pathé archive, this extraordinary series provides a unique year by year look at what made the news of yesteryear. With a comprehensive hour long programme on each year of the 1950s, this 3 disc – set package provides the definitive insight into the decade that took us from post-war austerity to consumer boom. The morale-boosting Festival of Britain in 1951 was held to encourage commerce in challenging times – rationing was still in effect and the post-war baby boom come to fruition in the birth of ‘teenage’ culture. This sizeable younger population was making its new found spending power felt with the rise of ‘Rock n Roll’ and the emergence of coffee shops on street corners. Although the decade began with a Labour government with Clement Attlee as Prime Minister, the Conservatives would dominate the decade with Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden and Howard Macmillan all taking residence at 10 Downing Street. It was a challenging time for the politicians as they dealt with the Suez Canal Crisis, the Soviet invasion of further H-Bomb testing and, closer to home, the horrific Harrow and Wealdstone train disaster. The whole country was also united in grief with the passing of King George VI, and then with pride as the masses witnessed the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It was also a period marked by scientific and technological progress; the first Sputnik Satellite, the last ride on the London Tram, the Polio vaccination and, much to the dislike of motorists everywhere, the introduction of the parking meter. This collection also features some of the more light hearted events of the decade such as Bing Crosby playing golf in Scotland, Bolton Wanderers beating Manchester United to lift the FA Cup and the 100th Varsity Boat Race. Relive all these events and many, many more with “A Year To Remember: The 1950s”

Price: $
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4 Things to Remember When You Want to Get Married, But It’s Not Happening

Back when I was in my early to mid-20s I was worried and concerned about getting married, but every attempt to create a stable, loving and committed relationship turned into an utter failure.

Based on what I’ve learned, here are four things to remember when you want to get married, but it’s not happening:

#1 — You gotta focus on making yourself happy.

Be your own best friend. Learn how to love your life whether there is a guy in your life or not. The more joyful and loving that you are when alone with yourself, the better because others are going to recognize that energy that you are putting out.

And trust me — being joyful, happy, and loving is a lot more attractive then being depressed, self-conscious, and anxious. Just imagine what it’d be like going on a date with someone who is really depressed, self conscious and anxious. Would you want to go out with them again? Enough said.

#2 — Know that you deserve and are capable of having a loving relationship.

We can be happy and joyful in our lives and with ourselves all we want, but if we don’t think that we deserve and are capable of having a loving and joyful relationship that can turn into a successful marriage then it’s not going to happen. We have to really truly know and believe that we are worthy.

Doing this doesn’t have to be super complicated. It can happen at any given moment that you choose to fully admit to yourself and the universe what it is that you truly desire and you choose to fully know you are worthy. And, as a result, the universe can respond very quickly.

I know this very well from experience. A few years ago I was traveling in Japan after spending several months suffering with the aftermath from a breakup. I was working on being happy by myself but nothing new came along because I didn’t really believe I was ready for a new relationship. I deeply believed that I’d screw any new relationship up. I didn’t trust myself.

While walking around the Golden Pavillion (Kinkai-ju) in Kyoto I saw a section where you could buy candles for various different things and light them for a prayer. These were all in English so I felt inclined to light one. At first I rationalized and started telling myself to do one for world peace, but my eyes kept going back to one that was for finding love.

In that moment, finally admitted to myself and the universe my true desire and I knew that I deserved it. I lit the candle and left — forgetting about it.

Later that day, upon trying to get to the airport, a storm came through that caused me to miss my flight. I ended up meeting a man in this this stressful situation who helped me with language translations. This man I ended up having a stable relationship with for about a year.

Which leads me to my next point…

#3 — Always be open to possibilities.

When we have this very specific picture of what it is that we want then we are not going to be open for all of the creative possibilities. We may overlook or not even allow ourselves to see what is right in front of us.

It’s okay to have some standards of what you want: Like someone who is honest, loyal, caring, and so on. But if we’re going so far as to being very particular about how someone looks, their job, or where they grew up then we may be blocking ourselves from being with who we are truly mean to be with.

Also, I think it’s very important to remember that when I say “be open to possibilities” it’s not about letting go of the desire completely. It’s not about shifting your thoughts in a way to be forcing yourself to be thinking, “I don’t want to get married” because that doesn’t leave you open to the potential of marriage ever. It’s like going up to the universe and saying “I’m closing up shop” and the universe is thinking, “But, wait, I had all these customers lined up for you. What gives?”

The key is to learn how to get into a neutral space of “I am happy and love my life no matter what happens”. It’s about letting go of any concern or worry about the outcome and being open for all creative possibilities. That creates the foundation for a real change (or miracle) to occur, internally and, ultimately, externally.


Click to Tweet: When we let go of concerns about the outcome, we open ourselves to receive all the creative possibilities. via @jenilyn8705

#4 — Have faith.

Trust that what is going to happen will happen. Not all of us are meant to get married or have children by a certain age. It’s also true that not all of us are meant to only be married once. Things happen — it’s just the way life works out sometimes.

So trust and have faith that what comes to you is what is in your highest good. You have you own individual lessons to learn in this life that is totally unique to you. Nobody else shares those same specific lessons that you need to learn with you. So trust, have faith, and follow the flow of your own intuition and inner guidance.

Take action now!

Let’s do #1: What can you start doing today to help yourself love your life more? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Jennifer is a self and relationship coach and the founder of Her mission is to help women create loving relationships with both others and themselves. Click here for her Free Self and Relationship Healing Meditation and weekly blog updates. To learn about how you can work with her, click here.

Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Gina Rodriguez Has An Affair To Remember On ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

If you’re going to sweep Gina Rodriguez off her feet, you’re going to need a hand — or two.

The “Jane the Virgin” star was the celebrity guest on Monday’s episode of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” playing alongside the show’s improv veterans Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Jeff Davis. But things got particularly out of hand when Stiles, Rodriguez and Mochrie’s hands were placed in a luxury hotel for a romantic rendezvous.

In the skit titled “Helping Hands,” Stiles popped some bubbly and fed threw the actress handfuls of grapes as she tried to keep up with the antics.

Earlier in the episode, the 31-year-old star challenged Brady and Davis to sing about her character Jane, reimagining her not as a virgin but as an organic corn farmer. The skit even inspired the actress to do a little bit of freestyle rapping.

Watch the “Helping Hands” segment above and check out the full episode on The CW.


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The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All you need to remember for a day you'll never forget

The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All you need to remember for a day you'll never forget

The registry, invitations, reception, flowers, rings, placecards–how''s a girl to remember it all?! During this insane time when every detail seems to take on a life of its own, brides need help!This book provides solutions that target every bride''s greatest worry: Did I forget something? Loaded with timesaving tips, this handy guide helps you stay on track and focused with checklists for:Making tough budgeting choicesDetermining wedding party responsibilitiesChoosing ceremony optionsFiguring seating plansPacking all that''s needed for the honeymoon . . . and much, much more! With simple, step-by-step checklists for each aspect of planning the wedding of your dreams, you won''t forget a single thing for your unforgettable day!
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I Remember Rachel for Her Ferocity for Life, Not Cancer


The skeet whooshed towards the heavens. My right eye stared ahead with the barrel flush. I had developed a rhythm with the saucer: After it launched I waited until it reached a precise point in my field of vision and then I pulled the trigger. Without patience, my aim would be low and the saucer would continue its original trajectory until it fell to the ground. So I waited and then, click, the target erupted, its orange pieces blending with the sky like a perfect match on the color wheel.

I hit 11 of 25 skeets. My friend Rachel, who I’m sure shot guns growing up based on my generalization of people from Arkansas and who say things like, “My drinking water had tadpoles,” only shot two. She hit her first, missed the next 23, and ended with a bang. Rachel sat against a rock and watched others in our group shoot. She smiled and now said things like, “I have not spent time outside in days. It is beautiful.”

There was not a cloud above us and Rachel, a Fulbright scholar, began telling me a story about the sky. If people had never been told the sky was blue then they may see it as white, another color, or simply a void. Those people may have as much trouble wrapping their heads around the blue sky as I have around not seeing it as blue.

I can’t see Rachel in a different light, either. When I met her 2.5 years ago I saw a radiant and beautiful 27-year-old whose attitude matched her use of exclamation points. She told me stories back then, too, like the meaning of interrobang, which is a combination of an exclamation point and a question mark, and how she was diagnosed at 26 with stage 3 colon cancer that would later spread to her ovaries and omentum, “upgrading” the cancer to stage 4. Rachel would stay on treatment forever, in a concept that is new to me and the way I had “finished” cancer treatment when I was a teen: Rachel was living with cancer.

I may never have met Rachel if her life trajectory had not been erupted by cancer. Even though we had many similarities and both lived in Washington, D.C., we met as part of a group of cancer survivors to rock climb on the red rocks of Moab, Utah, our trip funded by a nonprofit that believes providing outdoor adventures changes survivors’ lives.

I have always been strong and lean as if I was meant to climb rock walls in that desert that looked like Mars. Still, Rachel was better at climbing. She possessed grace and strength that was less obvious than mine. Rachel was actually better than me at most things I was passionate about, including writing, shedding body fat, researching nutrition and drinking whiskey, which I realized when we toasted her 29th birthday with her dad’s homemade moonshine.

When her cancer returned, Rachel underwent surgery to remove ovaries and parts of her colon. Controversial surgery to slice her open and pour hot chemotherapy into cavity, a procedure known as shake and bake. More surgery to remove more tumor and peek inside at the cancer that had spread everywhere and could not be removed due to its placement near her organs. So much treatment and so many procedures over so many years that I could not keep track of Rachel’s status without feeling like I was burdening her.

When Rachel shared episodes from her life there was always a funny story, because if her level of suffering couldn’t break her then nothing could. When she had to cancel climbing with me she said, “This kid with a provisional driver’s license just ran into me. I’m fine, car is fine — just a fender bender, luckily. And the guy was a super nice kid!”

And, “I’m supposed to be in the hospital right now but they don’t have a bed for me yet. I guess Georgetown was just really busy today! I just have some sort of bug, could be a result of the trip to Zambia. Who knows.”

And while she was still hospitalized the day before her thirtieth birthday party she said, “I have a lot of potential arguing to do in the morning to get them to let me out of here for a few hours. I’ll call you if we need to execute ‘plan prison break!'”

I am fortunate to have completed my 20s without cancer, following an adolescence smothered by it. I spent my college years questioning how to live more than actually living: When would I share with friends and romantic interests that I had had cancer? How long could I lie about my limp that was caused by my resected cancerous ilium? Could I ever do it again if I had to — endure cancer and its treatments with the same unwavering spirit and superhuman conviction?

Now eight years after college I wonder if I could I ever do what Rachel did — live with cancer without any possibility of a cure, all while never letting up on exclamation points?

Sitting straight up, on the ground with her back supported by the rock, under the clear blue sky, Rachel was at peace. She hadn’t eaten in a month and days before, the procedure to insert a feeding tube nearly failed catastrophically when her doctor at first couldn’t get the tube past the tumor that was blocking the entrance into her stomach. “That was almost it,” she said.

I have seen many young people pass away due to cancer. When death is inevitable, the end can come quickly. Rachel was different, living nine more months without food or drink; never surrendering to disease; never surrendering her loving and positive spirit. “I just want to live and have more adventures,” she said, still smiling at the heavens.

Rachel Yingling erupted into my life and so many others’ lives. She is the blue sky: Her impact on those who knew her was so great that none of us can imagine what life would be like if we had not met her.

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The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All You Need to Remember for a Day You’ll Never Forget

The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All You Need to Remember for a Day You’ll Never Forget

The registry, invitations, reception, flowers, rings, place cards-how’s a girl to remember it all? During this insane time when every detail seems to take on a life of its own, you need help! The Everything Wedding Checklist Book, 3rd Edition provides solutions that target every bride’s greatest worry: “Did I forget something?” Loaded with timesaving tips, this handy guide keeps you on track and focused with checklists to help: Make tough budgeting choices; Determine wedding party responsibilities; Choose ceremony options; Figure out seating plans; Pack all that’s needed for the honeymoon. . and much, much more! This new edition even includes checklists for nontraditional weddings. With simple step-by-step checklists for each aspect of planning the wedding of your dreams, you won’t forget a single thing for your unforgettable day!

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Remember Mia

Remember Mia

Like Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, Remember Mia is a riveting psychological suspense, exploring what happens when a young mother’s worst nightmare becomes devastatingly real…First I remember the darkness. Then I remember the blood.I don’t know where my daughter is. Estelle Paradise wakes up in a hospital after being found near dead at the bottom of a ravine with a fragmented memory and a vague sense of loss. Then a terrifying reality sets in: her daughter is missing. Days earlier, Estelle discovered her baby’s crib empty in their Brooklyn apartment. There was no sign of a break-in, but all traces of seven-month-old Mia had disappeared. Her diapers, her clothes, her bottles-all gone. Frustrated and unable to explain her daughter’s disappearance, Estelle begins a desperate search. But when the lack of evidence casts doubt on her story, Estelle becomes the number one suspect in the eyes of the police and the media. As hope of reuniting with Mia becomes all she has left, Estelle will do anything to find answers: What has she done to her baby? And what has someone else done to her?From the Trade Paperback edition.

Price: $
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The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All You Need to Remember for a Day You’ll Never Forget

The Everything Wedding Checklist Book: All You Need to Remember for a Day You’ll Never Forget

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List Price: 9.95

Remember Your Favorite Fleece From College? Designers Say It’s Time to Bring It Back


In his fall show, Altuzarra sent models down the runway in evening dresses and skirts styled with what we can most accurately describe as Patagonia-style fleeces. Though the styling was epically amazing, it may have fallen a little short of practical for most of us. That being said, it did nothing to stop us from swooning over each and every piece.

Altuzarra reminded us of the Patagonias of our past that we didn’t even realize we had forgotten about. So, in lieu of a black-tie event fit for the likes of his satin gowns, the winter season is the perfect time to appreciate a great fleece. Cozier than anything you will ever own, your fleece can be rocked everywhere from the ski slopes to the city streets. This winter, I definitely pulled a few of my old fleeces out of storage and—confession time—I even bought an awesome pullover from Crewcuts (seriously, shop some of the larger sizes in the boys’ department and you’ll be surprised what you can find!).

Now, some of you may have already tossed the fleeces of your past, and others are not overly enthusiastic to shell out designer prices for your fleece of choice. For both those reasons and more, we have rounded up 20 of the best fleeces of the season. Grab one before the holidays and cozy up at home with your family and friends!

How do you stay warm through the winter? Do you love the retro fleece trend as much as we do?

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Feeling Tense? Remember This 4 Letter Word | Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend | Oprah Winfrey Network

Learn more about the tour and purchase tickets now!

Are you seeking inner stillness? You can do worse than Deepak Chopra, a true scholar in spirituality and meditation. Watch as Deepak, one of Oprah’s “life trailblazers,” reveals a four-letter word that will keep you from boiling over when you feel hurt and angry.

Join Oprah, Iyanla Vanzant and other “life trailblazers” on Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend this fall. Register now to start the journey to find your calling and summon the courage to live it.

Find OWN on TV at


Join Oprah, Iyanla Vanzant and other “life trailblazers” on Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend this fall. Register now to start the journey to find your calling and summon the courage to live it.

About OWN:
Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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Feeling Tense? Remember This 4 Letter Word | Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Remember When

Remember When

This volume presents a picture of everyday life in the 20th century – from the late-Victorian era to the new millennium – exploring all aspects of society as reflected in the legacy of packaging, advertising, magazines and newspapers, toys and games, and royal and commemorative memorabilia that has accumulated over the century. A sourcebook of images and anecdotes for those interested in the past, it includes memories of the first Kit-Kat to Beatlemania, Meccano to the Picture Post, Bisto to Barbie and other brand names.

Price: $
Sold by Rakuten

Getting Psyched to Not Remember Who Won the Oscars Next Week!


The excitement is building, as it does every year around this time. Soon, the eyes of the world will be on the glitz and glamour that only Hollywood can provide. The 86th Academy Awards are upon us! The stars will file in on the red carpet, the fashion choices will be scrutinized and the honorees will be feted in grand style.

I can hardly wait to see it all, and then forget who won, like, a few days later.

Forgetting who won the Oscars is such a long-standing tradition that it might conceivably be called a part of the human experience. We wake up each morning, we go to work, we spend time with those we love…we can’t for the life of us remember who won the Oscars. It’s all part of the great continuum, woven into the fabric of our existence.

Sure, the celebrities themselves who win the Oscars are not likely to forget the moment they clutch that gold statuette and thank their agents and current spouses. However, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they, too, will totally blank on who won in the categories not associated with their productions.

In this way, we, each of us, are not that different from the rich and famous people who supply our big-screen entertainment. They, too, could easily be at a party a couple of weeks from now and, when quizzed on which film was given the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, give the same vacant stare that you or I might give if asked the same question.

The only difference is that the famous person forgets who won what Academy Award because he or she is preoccupied about how to remain famous by prepping his or her next deal, whereas you and I forget because we have jobs and don’t care. These are small, inconsequential differences. The fact is that everybody, in all walks of life, has the memory of Oscar’s winners wiped from their brain pan almost immediately after the ceremony. And this year, as with every year, I am really looking forward to it.

Weirdly enough, we can all still remember the names of the teachers who made indelible impressions on us, even going back ten, twenty or thirty years. But an awards show for teachers would be pretty damn boring. They make crap money, and they have no idea how to dress.

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Reasons to Drink Number Two: We Drink to Remember

We live in a world that dances to a liquid soundtrack of alcohol, and it’s a beautiful if bitter sweet song ruined occasionally by a harshly discordant note that sounds a lot like someone falling head-first off a table, or projectile vomiting up the side of a completely defenseless building.

Alcohol has the power to make life memorable, which is not always a good thing, but explains why our celebrations are so steeped in it. There is, quite simply, nothing we won’t celebrate with a drink. We toast life, we toast death, marriage and birth, farewells and returns. Just as when we suffer we drink to forget, when emotions run high in the other direction, we drink to remember and the same thing that will make you forget your own mother in large enough quantities is used to lubricate that joy. This lubricant will probably be champagne, the world drink of celebration and I guess by proxy what happiness tastes like. We’ve even made it a part of our very own coming of age; Voting, Consent, Driving and Drinking, the ages at which we can legally use the four most useful things in the world; wheels, political choice, a nice cold beer, and our own penis/vagina.

Some occasions are particularly soaked in alcohol and occasionally just as flammable. Prior to the wedding that we will undoubtedly celebrate with a drink to the sound of popping corks, we embark on one of the most hedonistic nights of our lives where we ritually say goodbye to the us that was and welcome in the us that will be, all to the sound of snapping G strings, the smell of some kind of bronzing agent and the taste of alcohol; lots and lots of alcohol. At Christmas we put brandy in the butter and drink beverages that taste like the holidays themselves; be it nog, or mulled wine. Personally I’m amazed a drinks brand with a particularly duplicitous marketing department hasn’t come up with a tenuous link to Mothers day or Valentines in the way Baileys Irish Cream has wormed its way so successfully into Christmas. Perhaps in the future these other days will taste of Chartreuse or, god forbid, Sambuca, who knows.

Nothing however compares to New Year. New Years Eve has grown to become a booze-fuelled celebration dedicated to memory; to remembering those past, lost or forgotten, to mark the end of another year with hope for the next while we raise a cup of kindness to the lilting melody of Auld Lang Syne, probably singing the same verse over and over again because no one has taken the time to look up the second verse on Wikipedia or ironically have once again forgot it.

What it all comes down to is liquid punctuation. The drinking isn’t the occasion itself, just a handy excuse. It doesn’t form the backbone, but can cap it off beautifully like a drinkable full stop. It can add a moment of drama in the form of a raised glass, help us pause for a moment and take stock like a handy comma, pose a question, or hashtag a shared memory communally forever.

Whatever, wherever or whoever we want to remember we can do it just as well if not better with a glass in hand and sometimes we owe it to them to do just that.

Which only leaves me to pour a glass myself and toast a happy Christmas and a magical New year to all of you, you’ve earned it I’m sure.

Here’s to you.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup,

And surely I’ll buy mine

And we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear. For auld lang syne

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet. For auld lang syne.
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