Harry Potter: JK Rowling secretly buys childhood home

Renovation work is taking place on the cottage which inspired parts of the Harry Potter story.
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Reality Stars Who’ve Secretly Dated Their Producers

Kristin Cavallari, 2020 OscarsIs the Bachelor about to fly away with one of his producers?!
As Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor comes to a dramatic finish, no one seems to know just how his journey will end,…

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Mya secretly got married in December

The ‘Case of the Ex’ hitmaker hasn’t publicly been romantically involved with anyone for several years but tied the knot in a secret ceremony
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Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters Split 12 Days After Secretly Getting Married

Pamela Anderson And Jon PetersIt’s over between Pamela Anderson and A Star Is Born producer, Jon Peters.
The famed Baywatch actress officially called it quits with her husband, whom she married 12 days ago in a…

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Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters Split 12 Days After Secretly Getting Married

Pamela Anderson And Jon PetersIt’s over between Pamela Anderson and A Star Is Born producer, Jon Peters.
The famed Baywatch actress officially called it quits with her husband, whom she married 12 days ago in a…

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Why phones that secretly listen to us are a myth

A mobile security firm carries out a research investigation to test the popular conspiracy theory.
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A New Kind of Lender Secretly Tracks Your Car to Make Sure You Pay Up

In China, a new type of internet loan comes with a catch: lenders can track your car’s whereabouts and can seize it if you fail to make payments.


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Tom Hanks’ Brother Secretly Voices Woody When Tom Is Busy, AKA Your Childhood Is A Lie

If you’ve ever had a Woody toy, video game or — in a few cases — seen a “Toy Story” movie, you’ve assumed the voice you heard coming from the cowboy in the yellow-plaid shirt was that of Tom Hanks.

Well, reach for the sky, because there’s been a snake in your boot/ears this whole time. This town was big enough for two all along and the dual-sheriffs are actually Tom Hanks and his brother, Jim Hanks.

UK-based comedian Graham Norton used his show to confront Tom about this mystery back in 2011, bringing out a Woody doll and asking if he had provided the voice.

“No, it’s my brother Jim,” Tom responded smirking, and then continued on to explain, “There are so many computer games and video things and Jim just works on those all year long.”

Clarifying how this initial idea came about, Tom said that it had to do with him being too busy to handle all the extra voice work. He recalled to Norton, being asked rhetorically, “You don’t want to do this,” to which he appears to still respond, “No, get my brother Jim, he’ll do it.”

As my co-worker put it, this means “your child’s cute little Woody toys are a f**king lie.” Another surprised and uncharacteristically outraged co-worker added, “everything is bulls**t.”

How could this be?

Jim Hanks is an actor in his own right, with a long list of credits since 1992. One such recent role in 2015 was for a short titled, “The Other Brother,” where he plays the sibling of a famous Hollywood producer. His character’s job in the short is to give tram tours around Universal Studios, showing off the more well-known brother’s success.

Over a dozen credits are from his work voicing Woody in “Toy Story” properties. Many of these are for video games, but you’ve most likely heard his work in the popular doll versions of Woody (which Norton showed) or if you’re of a certain generation, perhaps in the 2000 movie, “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins.”

Jim can manipulate his voice to sound almost exactly like his brother’s, which is part of the reason why you’ve never noticed the difference. The other part, of course, being that you didn’t expect a beloved actor and Pixar’s first franchise to betray you.

In the video below, Jim shows off his relative talent, while also admitting what scares him about the level of fame that follows his brother.

The Huffington Post reached out to Jim Hanks’ representation, along with multiple producers from his early ”Toy Story” roles, but nobody wished to comment on the story.

With no further answers to console your shaken memories, it’s time to find your old Woody toy, pull its string and somehow accept that it has actually been pulling your string this whole time.

“You’re my favorite deputy,” Jim Hanks tells you in Tom Hanks’ voice as Woody.

You should have always known you were second string.


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A Guy Secretly Recorded An Argument With His Parents In 1985; Some Genius Has Now Animated It

For 16 years, from the age of 12 to 28, Mike Cohen secretly recorded his interactions with his parents. Years later, Cohen’s friend, Rodd Perry, decided to take one of these vintage recordings and animate it.

The result is pure gold.

In the video above, which has racked up more than 230,000 views this week, watch the drama unfold when Cohen’s parents walk into his room and give him an earful. The audio in the clip is said to have been recorded in 1985, during one of Cohen’s visits home during college.

In a post on Reddit this week, Perry explained that the video was his “first attempt” at animation. He said he used both Photoshop and Final Cut to create the viral clip.

Watch the video above.
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Did Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Secretly Marry? That and More Celeb News You Might Have Missed

We're barely two days into 2015, but the year is already off to an exciting start—especially for this group of celebrities. These couples aren't just welcoming a New Year; they're celebrating engagements, pregnancies, new babies,…

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6 Things The Groom Secretly Wants At Your Wedding

By Sarah Zlotnick, Editor, WeddingWire

It takes two people to get married—which means two people get to weigh in on their wants for the wedding! You may have had a secret Pinterest board dedicated to the big day since high school, but that doesn’t mean your groom’s opinion is only worth half a vote. Make sure he feels just as satisfied by recognizing these wedding day desires—and then delivering on them.

1. To have his voice heard—from the beginning
You’re in this together, and that means planning together. What that doesn’t mean: having perfectly equal input in every decision made. Take a look at a planning checklist (WeddingWire has one that is organized by month), and divvy up the tasks. Trust him to complete his to-dos with your best interests in mind, and you’ll have a happy groom who will feel proud of his prep work when the big day arrives.

2. Respect for his guests (including those rowdy college roommates)
Sure, some of your groom’s long-time friends might have a rambunctious reputation—and the last thing you need is for one of them to plow over Grandma on their mad dash to the dance floor. But, banishing his people to the far corners of the reception space is a sure-fire way to make him feel second rate at his own wedding. If you’re truly worried about their behavior, try this compromise: save the plum tables for the wedding party and close family, then seat your friends and his friends at a similar spot in the room, like right by the bar. This will give them a chance to mingle, and it will show your groom that your respect for his friends is on par with your respect for yours.

3. A moment that’s all his
Which can be…wait for it… the rehearsal dinner! If his idea of a good time veers drastically from your agreed upon wedding vision, let the party before the party be his time to shine. BBQ, lawn games, a beer tasting—whatever makes him happy. Added bonus: guests will love the variety!

4. A flash of personality
We get it—your guy looks dreamy in a tux. But that doesn’t mean he loves the idea of wearing only black and white! If your wedding is formal but the groom has a more colorful sense of style, gift him brightly patterned socks, kooky cufflinks, or even a fun pair of boxer shorts before the wedding. Also an option: a playful tie, pocket square, or boutonniere. These mini shots of color will personalize his attire without veering too far from the original wedding vision.

5. To loosen his tie (literally)
The vows have been said, the formal portraits have been taken—it’s time to celebrate! As the night gets later, the last thing any groom wants is pressure to look perfect in every photograph. Pick a point in the reception with your groom ahead of time (after the cake cutting, before the bouquet toss) and agree that appearances don’t matter after that. You’ll get the photos you want, and he’ll get to have fun without worrying—everyone wins!

6. A sick send-off
Even if he’s not a car kind of guy, your groom will likely get little giddy at the idea of exiting the wedding in a memorable fashion. Whether it’s a speedboat, bicycles, or a vintage Bentley, arrange for unique end-of-the-night transportation. He’ll feel a lot better about posing for kisses while surrounded by sparklers if something he thinks is awesome comes next.

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