Cadbury egg hunt: Health campaigners celebrate end of National Trust deal

Health campaigners welcome the move as the trust says chocolate will be “less of a focus” from 2021.
BBC News – Health

East Kent baby deaths: Independent review into NHS trust

A local MP says women are now “terrified” about giving birth at the two Kent hospitals.
BBC News – Health

East Kent baby deaths: Scale of deaths at trust ‘not clear-cut’

East Kent Hospitals Trust’s boss disputes the numbers of baby deaths it accepts responsibility for.
BBC News – Health

Katy Perry facing backlash over British Asian Trust ambassador role

Katy Perry will help the organisation fight child trafficking and slavery.
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Shropshire baby deaths: NHS trust was paid £1m for good care

Hundreds of parents allege Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust provided poor maternity care.
BBC News – Health

NHS hospitals trust for Peterborough, Huntingdon and Stamford ‘requires improvement’

Hospital inspectors have concerns about the number of “competent and experienced” staff.
BBC News – Health

Health strike: Action could delay cancer diagnoses, trust claims

More than 10,000 outpatient appointments and surgeries will not go ahead on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
BBC News – Health

TikTok: Should we trust the Chinese social-media video app?

US lawmakers are worried about TikTok’s Chinese ownership, despite its data-protection assurances.
BBC News – Technology


Bold Fantasy Takes: Trust the Jets … no, really

It's the halfway mark of the fantasy football season, and our experts make their boldest predictions for the second half.

Yahoo! Sports – News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games


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Get Online With the Best Gaming Routers You Can Trust

Now that gaming over a wireless network isn’t terrible anymore, here are the best gaming routers to get you online.


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Tom Brady’s extension reflects his priorities, rare trust with Patriots

The reworked deal for New England’s future Hall of Famer is the latest proof that making top dollar isn’t a priority for him. – TOP

Can you trust FaceApp with your face?

An app that transforms photos of people’s faces into younger and older versions has gone viral.
BBC News – Technology


Low trust in vaccines ‘a global crisis’

The biggest global study into attitudes on immunisation reveals confidence is low in some regions.
BBC News – Health

เสื้อยืด In God we Trust Argentina

เสื้อยืด In God we Trust Argentina

เลือกช๊อป เสื้อยืด In God we Trust Argentina ที่ Zalora ตอนนี้เลย!! พบกับ รองเท้า เสื้อผ้ามากกว่า 500 แบรนด์ ส่งฟรี! พร้อมบริการเก็บเงินปลายทาง
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You just can’t trust anyone! seems to be a constant refrain in the modern world. Indeed, learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult lessons. That’s becausetrust is not a verb, says legendary life coach Iyanla Vanzant, it’s a noun. Trust is a state of mind and a state of being. In this wise book, the New York Times best-selling author and host of OWN’s popular reality TV showIyanla: Fix My Life reveals how to cultivate this liberating power by exploring what trust really is, how to trust, and why to trust. She outlines the special rewards that come from mastering the four essential trusts: trust in God, trust in yourself, trust in others, and trust in life. And she challenges us to see how each of these are actually deeply interconnected. Too often our fear of whether or not we can really trust an individual or an institution and what they represent erodes our confidence and undermines our relationships. When trust is broken or there is a betrayal, it can bring us face-to-face with our shadow, revealing that someone has failed to live up to our expectations and thus outs our hidden beliefs. You never get what you ask for; you always get what you expect, says Iyanla. When someone betrays our trust it reveals the high price paid for such deep disconnection. This book’s pragmatic trust-building prescriptions demonstrate how communication, consistency, and cooperation can antidote trust-destroying behaviors and revitalize us with increased authenticity, greater resilience, and renewed peace in every part of our lives.

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From the Annals of the Trust

From the Annals of the Trust

The Gospel Probe, the first book from which the series takes its name, exploits the newly discovered capacity to travel in time by the Institute of Temporal Research, the ITR. The protagonists were forced by feuding Christian factions to return to the past to verify or discount the veracity of the Gospels. It was found that there were significant differences between what actually happened and that recorded. Equally important was the surprise discovery of an agent, Francois LeBrust, from another timeline sent to alter the course of history by injecting a new morality in the name of his sponsor, “The Trust for the Fusion of Science and the Spirit.” The second book, The Romp of Lebrust, takes the time trippers to Rome in the time of St Paul where they again encounter Francois LeBrust still working to promote the values of the Trust by shoring up the faith. Rumors of the achievements of the ITR attracted the attention of Carlen Bromfsted, Chief of Intelligence of the US Army. The current title takes up where it left off.

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Golf in Los Angeles, California: Northern Trust Open, Riviera Country Club, Office Depot Championship, Johnny Mathis Seniors Classic

Golf in Los Angeles, California: Northern Trust Open, Riviera Country Club, Office Depot Championship, Johnny Mathis Seniors Classic

New – Chapters: Northern Trust Open, Riviera Country Club, Office Depot Championship, Johnny Mathis Seniors Classic. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 25. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher’s book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: The Northern Trust Open, formerly known as the Nissan Open and originally known as the Los Angeles Open, is a regular golf tournament on the PGA Tour. It is played ann

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Trust Your Dog

Trust Your Dog

Trust Your Dog” is a collection of five short stories about a twelve year old boy, Shane O’Hara, and his adventures with the family search and rescue dogs. It demonstrates the self-reliance needed to grow up in a household with the motto “so that others may live”. In “Alone” he is trapped at home, alone, while his parents are on a search to rescue two girls lost in the storm. Cutoff and without electricity, can he manage to keep the family pets, horses, and home safe? In the second story “Base Camp” his mom is pressed into an emergency search for a heart attack victim. There isn’t time to get an adult to help and save the subject of the search. Shane has to step up and handle the adult responsibilities of managing search resources and organizing the rescue effort. Can he organize untrained and ill equipped strangers to make the search a success? The third story is “New Partner”. Mom’s current partner, Taz, is getting old and she needs to start using her younger dog, Clara. But Mom isn’t ready. Can Shane help mom learn to trust her dog? In the fourth story “Handler Down” Shane is pushed to his limits. While on at a training exercise his mom is shot and Shane has to use Clara to find her before it is too late. Can he get there in time and will he know what to do if he does? In the last story, “Fitness Turns into a Find” Shane and his mom are out running with the dogs when a local woman disappears. Shane may not be old enough to be a handler but Mom is sure he can do it. Can Shane handle Clara on a real search or will he make a mistake that costs an innocent woman her life?The author, Sherri Gallagher, has been training and handling search and rescue canines since the late 1990’s she brings the authenticity of her experiences to life on the pages of these stories and let’s the reader know what it is like to grow up in a household where the motto is “so that others may live”.

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‘Believe and Trust Tablet’ Stainless Steel & Black Pendant

‘Believe and Trust Tablet’ Stainless Steel & Black Pendant

When it comes to faith we know that tangible proof is not always an option. We must trust and believe during the good times and bad. The Believe & Trust Tablet custom dog tag provides a concrete reminder of our intangible yet unshakable love. On the back of the 316L surgical stainless steel pendant, engrave a special message for yourself or as a personalized dog tag gift. A shiny black enameled area on the bottom front creates an elegant look. Chains and necklaces are sold separately (see below).
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How To Tell Which Emotions to Trust and Which are Lies | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Winfrey Network

Acclaimed pastor and spiritual leader Rob Bell tackles life’s big questions in an all-new primetime special “The Rob Bell Show” premiering Sunday, Dec. 21st on OWN. He shares ways you can identify your emotions and navigate the waters to a better you.

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How To Tell Which Emotions to Trust and Which are Lies | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Museums and Cathedrals: In Art, We Trust

Every time I go to London, I spend a disproportionate amount of time at its National Gallery. Not out of a sense of obligation, but out of sheer love and amazement for all its art treasures. You name it, it’s there — all my Art Gods: Leonardo, Rembrandt, Vermeer…


The new documentary by Frederick Wiseman, “National Gallery,” allows us to spend three leisurely hours strolling through its galleries, gazing at iconic paintings of Old Masters and listening to museum docents talking about all these treasures.


The camera also takes us behind the scenes to observe the slow, meticulous process of restoration of paintings by museum conservators. It’s impossible not to admire the huge amount of patience that is so essential to their craft.


With the help of the camera, we “spy” on museum curators and various officials debating the issues and logistics of everything that makes great museums run so smoothly. But, here is my small bone to pick with this otherwise luxurious armchair trip through the nooks and crannies of The National Gallery. Some of these people talk and talk and talk… they are very knowledgeable, but, being concise is not necessarily their strength. It’s as if Mr. Wiseman felt it would have been disrespectful to edit the slightly verbose communication among all these museum professionals.

In spite of being an atheist, I often find myself having a good time in Churches and Temples wherever I go. Just give me impressive architecture and good art, and I am a happy to be there and to observe any ceremony taking place inside. That is definitely the case every time I go to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, here in LA.


Last weekend, I went there with my Fine Art of Art Collecting Class, to meet with well-known Los Angeles artist Simon Toparovsky, whose life-size bronze Crucifix graces the Cathedral’s main altar. It’s been a decade since this sculpture was installed, and the dark red patina on Jesus’ feet has completely disappeared, as a result of worshipers kissing and touching its feet.


The timing of our visit coincided with the recent opening of Simon Toparovsky’s exhibition, “Vessels and Channels,” which occupies three Cathedral side chapels. Each chapel serves as a stage for elaborate installations, mixing photography and sculpture, with multiple references to Christianity and the mythology of Ancient Greece and Rome.


Some of the sculptures on display are rotating, its shadows slowly dancing across the walls. In one installation, we are confronted by what looks like a prison wall covered with vines. A small barred window is at eye level. You peer into the window and discover a beautiful landscape — a glimpse of freedom composed by the artist’s hand and imagination.


Smooth, nice, polished treatment of the bronze surface is not what Toparovsky is aiming for in his art. The textures of his sculptures are rough, as if slightly “tortured,” and that’s what makes his works feel so real, so appealing in their imperfection.

During the consecration of the Cathedral in 2002, we Angelenos were pleasantly surprised with the rather daring artistic choices made by the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Other artists besides Toparovsky commissioned to create works for the Cathedral were John Nava, Lita Albuquerque, and the late Robert Graham. One wonders if exhibitions of their art at the Cathedral might be in the works.

To learn about Edward’s Fine Art of Art Collecting Classes, please visit his website. You can also read The New York Times article about his classes here.


Edward Goldman is an art critic and the host of Art Talk, a program on art and culture for NPR affiliate KCRW 89.9 FM. To listen to the complete show and hear Edward’s charming Russian accent, click here.
Arts – The Huffington Post
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Slippery Trust: A Kinky, BDSM, Rough Erotica

Slippery Trust: A Kinky, BDSM, Rough Erotica

From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph’s Gift, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone…Slippery when wet… kinky at it’s best!EROTIC, BOILING, HARDCORE!!!Wayne and Jenny are married, but that’s not stopping them from giving in to their kinky, fascinating, and random fetishes–nor of sharing them with friends. And they are having a blast of their sex lives.Jenny is willing to do everything Wayne wanted in and out of bed. She gives in to every sex adventure he was up to because making him happy gets her horny. Besides, she’s meeting fascinating peeps along the way. Like Bella who enjoys the gentle side of BDSM; or Martin, who she might be secretly in love with; or Kelly who has got the biggest, plastic tits. There was also Frank who thinks of the wildest, kinkiest ideas!Then she gets pregnant and they think that would stop everything. But what do you know… the pleasurable ways horny people make do with milk-engorged tits.If you wish to read more, download now!READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.BONUS EBOOK PREVIEW FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE BOOK!EXCERPT:Frank was a very forceful man, just like Wayne, and what he wanted, he got. It had been he who had first introduced Wayne into bondage and that soon became a regular part of their sex life; it had been fairly gentle at first, but encouraged by Frank, Wayne had soon got a taste for the ever more bizarre, swiftly moving into golden showers, particularly enjoying pissing in Jenny’s mouth when she was restrained. Although she would do as he asked, she wasn’t very keen on that, but consoled herself with the thought that she was keeping her man happy. Their bedroom now contained many bondage items such as handcuffs, whips (both leather and horsehair), clamps, including clothes pegs and the

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Are You Ready to Open Up to Trust, Happiness and Joy?

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. — Omar Khayyam

I’ve had my share of profound unhappiness. When it hits, I’m always struck by its enormity and completeness, like a hurricane that moves in and devastates until there is nothing left of what was touched.

For the record, I’m not talking about depression. I’m talking about reliving low points, like family dysfunction, poisonous relationships, infertility, miscarriages and cancer, in the tar pit of your soul. I’m talking about going about your business and WHACK! Something comes up and, like an elephant, you remember and relive your emotions like it’s happening to you all over again.

I don’t remember exactly where I was or what I was doing when a thought recently struck me out of the blue. It moved me so profoundly that I stopped whatever it was I was doing and wrote it down:

“I just had a deep understanding of what happiness is — being joyfully, unabashedly in the moment and trusting that that is exactly where you belong… this moment (and ME) is enough, in fact, it is all.”

Mindfulness is conscious awareness of what you are feeling and experiencing in the present moment. But there is more. To get to joy it’s not enough to just be aware of the present. To get to joy you have to trust that the present moment is exactly where you belong.

Joy comes from the knowing, the trust, the deep understanding that you are, right now, enough. With that trust and the joy it brings, you can let down your defenses and stop seeking validation. You can lean into happiness, which is the bubbling up of little pieces of joy in the moment.

As adults with histories, we can’t know happiness unless we know its opposite and find it in our hearts to trust despite that knowledge. It takes vulnerability and reliance on forces outside of our control, but, mostly, it takes a commitment to creating live out loud joy for ourselves.

In the five years since my breast cancer diagnosis, I’ve experimented more and more with trust (because it finally took cancer to convince me of how little control I really have over life.) I’ve become more optimistic, more Zen and more patient. Who knew that trading the “safety” of mistrust, for the vulnerability of trust, would lead to joy.

The Dalai Lama said, “the purpose of our lives is to be happy.” Have you found yourself actively seeking out happiness and joy? Are you able to trust that you are exactly where you belong at the present moment?

Originally published on WhereWeGoNow.
GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
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